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These claims were made in a new 96-page report released by the US House Foreign Affairs Committee. The committee is currently controlled by the Democratic Party, although Republican members wrote the report.

He claims the pandemic could have been avoided entirely if China had acted more openly in its response.He also castigates the World Health Organization, with the authors accusing the international health watchdog of being “complicit” in the dissemination of Chinese “propaganda”.

The report was obtained before its official publication by the New York Post.

Parts of it are said to have read, “There is no doubt that the CCP has actively engaged in a cover-up designed to hide data, hide relevant public health information, and crack down on doctors and journalists who have attempted to kill them. ‘warn the world.

“Research shows that the CCP could have reduced the number of cases in China by up to 95% if it had fulfilled its obligations under international law and responded to the epidemic in a manner consistent with best practices.

“It is highly likely that the current pandemic could have been avoided.”

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Lawmakers behind the report also called on Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO, to resign, the New York Post adds.

The committee’s publication reads: “Director-General Tedros should accept responsibility for its adverse impact on the response to COVID-19 and step down.”

China confirmed it was treating dozens of pneumonia cases in Wuhan on New Year’s Eve 2019, although the cause at the time was unclear.

On January 2, Wuhan Central Hospital banned employees from speaking publicly about the disease, according to the British Foreign Policy Group.

On January 14, Hong Kong journalists were taken to a police station after attempting to record the interior of a Wuhan hospital, the BFPG added.

The first confirmed case in the United States appeared on January 21, others were also confirmed in Japan, South Korea and Thailand around this time.

At the time of writing, there were a total of 31,091,469 cases of COVID-19, with 961,351 deaths, according to the European Center for Disease Control.

Despite criticism from the WHO, the report advises against the United States withdrawing from the organization – which President Donald Trump has threatened to do.

Rather, he says the United States can “push forward the necessary reforms” for both the WHO and the International Health Regulations.


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