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Rajnath Singh, Indian Minister of Defense, said the new warplanes send a “strong message” to potential adversaries of India. Earlier this week, shots were fired along India’s disputed border with China for the first time in 45 years.

India spent $ 9.4 billion (£ 7.3 billion) to buy 36 French Rafale fighter jets.The first five officially entered service during a ceremony in Ambala, near the India-China border.

In the photo of the scene, Indian soldiers march past the jet fighters.

Singh took to Twitter to welcome the fighter jets and praise India’s relationship with France.

He said: “The induction of the Rafale is a strong message to the world and in particular to those who challenge the sovereignty of India.

“Our country will not take any action to disturb the peace anywhere. We expect the same from our neighbors. ”

He later added: “India and France have a lot in common as two of the world’s great democracies.

“We look forward to further strengthening our bilateral relationship.”

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Relations between Beijing and New Delhi have collapsed in recent months with a number of clashes along the country’s disputed border.

On June 20, Indian soldiers were killed in a clash with their Chinese counterparts in the Galwan Valley.

As guns were banned near the border, the two sides fought with metal bars, clubs wrapped in barbed wire and stones.

Many Indian troops who died drowned or died after being injured.

Chinese forces also suffered casualties, although the exact number was not disclosed.

In response to the deadly clash, India has banned a number of Chinese mobile apps, including TikTok, from running on its networks.

Later in 1962, India and China waged a brief war along their disputed border that killed at least 2,000 people.

India is currently in the midst of a $ 130 billion (£ 101.5 billion) modernization of its military.

In addition to fighter jets, it buys missile defense systems from Russia and attack helicopters from the United States.

Manoj Joshi, of the Indian think tank Observer Research Foundation, welcomed the new jets but warned they would not be enough on their own.

He commented, “If you’re in China, you’re not going to take a few Rafale seriously.

“A handful of planes cannot bog down a military power like China.”


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