China has almost eliminated Covid-19. What can the world learn?


In January 2020, as the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic, China was grappling with cases in its 29 regions, triple-digit daily increases and a looming shortage of medical supplies. To tackle this, China has been swift and forceful – implementing lockdowns of varying degrees of stringency in cities and regions of the country, which has left around 760 million people under restrictions. . Whenever an area showed a spike in cases, a lockdown followed.

Fast forward to today and China is on the other side of the pandemic: After overcoming 85,307 coronavirus cases and 4,634 deaths, the country is reporting only a handful of daily cases. As of September 23, the total number of active coronavirus cases in China was 402. The UK, heading for a potentially devastating second wave, reported 6,178 new cases.


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