Chiefs-Texans: welcoming fans at ‘moment of unity’ will test NFL, Goodell


I’m not sure if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expected fans scattered around Arrowhead Stadium to boo the pre-game moment of unity on Opening Night. Somewhere along the line in their thousand actuarial meetings on whether or not they should support actors in their quest to – haleter – equality, it must have come.But if we’ve learned anything about the meteorologists who run this league and the country as a whole, continued support for such things always depends on how the wind blows. This offseason, in an incredible and rapid moment of unity among league players, the NFL hand has been forced. Accept what Colin Kaepernick was trying to warn the country about and admit he was right. Invest in programs and initiatives that could benefit decried communities. Support actors who, in their precious spare time, help push through laws, organize meetings with local law enforcement, and draw attention to systemic racial injustice.


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