Cheltenham evacuation: stranded residents return home


Residents of Cheltenham evacuated from their homes late last night have been allowed to return.Residents of Granville Street, Swindon Street and part of Swindon Road in Cheltenham were asked to evacuate and said they were told there was a suspected gas leak as a result of a power surge.

Residents of the Saint-Paul neighborhood were beaten on their doors by police and were told to leave immediately at around 9:20 p.m. on Saturday evening (September 19).

West and Wales Fire Departments, Police and Public Service officers were all on hand to handle the evacuation and subsequent investigation.

A rest center for those affected has been set up at Leisure in Cheltenham, providing shelter and assistance.

Gloucestershire Council has now confirmed that the rest center has been closed and the areas have been declared safe.

The Gloucestershire gendarmerie confirmed this morning that the incident was no longer in progress and that all those affected had returned to their homes.

Bobby Johnstone, a student who lives on Granville Street, said residents were first told it was a suspected gas leak.

He said, “What we were told was that after the power surge, one of the houses down the street, ours, had a large amount of gas detected at the top of the stairs in their sub. -ground. ”

He added: “Two vans from West and Wales were present. Then about 40 minutes later a police van came up to block the top of the street and we took a phone number and were told to evacuate.

“As we were leaving the street, a fire engine arrived, including several other police cars. ”

Wales and West Utilities has been asked for comment.


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