Cardinals and Brewers benches clear after Yadi Molina slams behind the plate on receiver interference (VIDEO)


The Brewers are absolutely hitting the Cardinals right now (currently 17-2), and this can be the kind of game where tensions run high.Apparently, the words intensified just after Cardinals wide receiver Yadi Molina was hit behind home plate over a receiver’s interference with Ryan Braun at home plate:

As we’ve seen and said before – including in Cubs games – you just can’t have that kind of escalation this season. Yes, the risk of mass transmission of COVID-19 due to a melee is low, but there is no good reason to increase this risk at all, especially between multiple teams. I don’t care how crazy Mike Shildt and Yadi Molina were – whatever the Brewers were saying – you just can’t walk to the other team’s dugout like that. Not immediately.

When the Reds bench arrived at the Cubs, he ended up compensating the Reds with multiple short suspensions and fines. Will that Brewers-Cardinals scratch lead to the same result? Not like either team can afford to take down any player right now, especially the Cardinals, because they’re making a lot more games than there are days left in the season.


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