Cardi B had a lot to say about last night’s debate


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“I would have liked Joe Biden to speak to me before having this debate. ”

It’s no secret that last night’s presidential debate was… a huge disaster.

No one could literally make sense of it all, and beloved political commentator Belcalis Almánzar, also known as Cardi B, was right there on that sinking ship with us.

In what became an 11-part video series on her Instagram, she started the night by telling Joe Biden to “get stung” and texted Biden’s team saying, “… tell Joe for being aggressive. … don’t let this man [Trump] Pick you, he just wants to put on a show, then you’re going to give him a show. ”

In the next video, she talks about Biden’s bad press as Trump says he doesn’t, and continues to shout, “Don’t let him talk about you!” To Biden.

She then told Biden not to laugh and told him to call Trump “dumb” instead.

When the debate turned to COVID-19, Cardi told Trump, “Dr. Fauci isn’t even fucking you. Didn’t you send Dr Fauci away, why are you raising him? And then made it very clear that she was not in moderator Chris Wallace and said he needed to be replaced.

Kulture (Cardi’s daughter) then made a cameo appearance as Cardi told Biden, “Send him to jail because that motherfucker spent $ 750 in taxes, while my little ass pays millions.” “

When Trump said he paid “$ 38 million a year” and “$ 27 million a year” in taxes, Cardi wondered, “How long ago was that?” Her dog (or a dog owned by someone in their house) then started barking in the air.

Cardi then pulled out her mental flash cards and spoke of the economic recovery, saying, “That’s the problem when Obama took over as president. The economy was already in decline, so during those eight years he was building it. “

When Biden spoke about the police, Cardi said, “There must be something to fix bad cops, like a law. Kulture then cried in the background.

His frustration with the moderator grew when he asked Biden why he hadn’t intervened in Portland. She said, “He’s not president now. What is he going to call these people if he’s not president? And ended this video by saying that Trump is “creating division.”

Cardi began the next video by saying “Don’t talk about people’s children” when Trump brought up Biden’s son Hunter. And when the topic turned to climate change, Trump said, “I want crystal clear water and air. I want beautiful and pure air. Cardi then asked him, “So why did you cancel all these climate change plans?”

Cardi then ended her debate comment by telling her supporters in her caption to go vote and expressed her sympathy for Hunter Biden in the video itself. She said “I really felt really bad when Trump came over for Biden’s son like that, I felt it was very unnecessary” and went on to say, “Joe Biden’s family suffered from so much shit, especially because his wife and one of his children were killed in a car crash … so you can imagine what kind of pain and what kind of shit her son had to turn to for himself. comfort, like many Americans in this country. ”

His final note was: “I wish Joe Biden spoke to me before he had this debate because I would have told him he better roast his ass, and I had some crazy jokes at my active. “

Thank you Cardi for guiding us through this crazy ride with you.

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