Carabao Cup draw LIVE – Everton, Liverpool and other Premier League clubs learn from their opponents from round 2 and 3


The Carabao Cup is officially underway after a number of teams kicked off their League Cup campaign on Saturday.With the first round over, the second and third rounds will be drawn on Sunday as Premier League clubs get involved.

Everton and Liverpool will both find out about their opponents today and we will have live updates throughout the draw.

Everton will participate in the draw in the second round and Liverpool in the third.

Like the first round, the second round is regionalized, which means that the clubs are divided into north and south sections. The draw remains unclassified, however, meaning that any side can face another from the same region.

The seven Premier League teams competing in Europe will then take part in the third round, but the draw will take place immediately after the second round selection today.

After the draw for the second round, matches will be given a ball number according to the order in which they were drawn.

Those numbers will then go to an unranked third round draw with the seven European teams also participating.

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