Captain America’s funeral: MCU fans don’t want to see it


Avengers: Endgame marked the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe known in its original form. In some ways, it was obvious. After all, the movie killed the man who brought the MCU into existence, Tony Stark, in the gripping final battle.

Another victim of the film, however, was Captain America. Although he did not die during the film, the last time audiences saw him in modern times, he was an older man in his 90s, content to live a daily life.

With Iron Man getting his proper send off, some wonder if Captain America is next.

Death in the MCU

Acteur Chris Evans | Mat Hayward / Getty Images

Death is a fun thing in the MCU. With so many movies and TV shows under its umbrella, it’s hard to know when a character is gone, dies, or is waiting for a resurrection. The universe’s favorite villain, Loki, has died and has reappeared several times over the decade since he was first created inside the MCU.

Others, like the show’s base agent, Agent Coulson, have died to be brought back into Agents of SHIELD after appearing alive in events in the universe. Black Widow, who also died during End of Game, was brought back thanks to a prequel film currently awaiting release due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

However, when Tony Stark passed away, it seemed final. It was a passing of the torch to a new generation.

However, those who have paid attention to the headlines surrounding End of Game and the biggest MCU knows Chris Evans plans to End of Game being his latest MCU project.

While Captain America doesn’t die in the movie, we see that he chose to lead a normal life instead of spending his time continually trying to save the world.

The aging Captain America passes his iconic shield to Falcon before retiring. Presumably, a man his age wouldn’t have much more. With the MCU planning to pick up where Endgame left off, some are wondering how Captain America’s eventual death will be handled.

Will Captain America have a funeral?

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Captain America, at least Steve Rogers’ version, is likely made in the MCU. However, you would think they should recognize that he still lives in the movie business.

After all, even supporting characters like Peggy Carter were kicked out after their deaths. The Captain America at the end of Endgame, however, leads a quiet life and seems absent from the current narrative for those unaware of the universe.

If the franchise chose to openly kill Steve Rogers, he would likely get the type of sendoff that Stark did. However, seeing him in old age, living the life he never had before, might be considered the one that people need.

Captain America is made in the MCU, and his death wouldn’t touch the same as Stark, who sacrificed his life to save the universe.

Either way, several fans are curious how the MCU would handle such a death.

What do fans think about Captain America’s death?

In a thread asking what fans expect on Marvel’s Reddit page, most fans agreed that Captain America is gone. So, there is no need to bring it back. Echoing the sentiment expressed by users such as frankwalsingham, who said it was “not necessary” to bring Captain America back for a funeral, Reddit user 613greysloan summed up why they didn’t need to another shipment:

“As for Cap’s story, it ultimately ended in Endgame. He lived the life Tony told him to have. He was fortunate enough to grow old with the only woman he had ever loved after about a hundred years of war. It’s as beautiful as any ending could be. Her death would ultimately not be a service not just to the character but to the entire MCU.

I’m not obsessed with death being the only thing fans are happy with, especially when it comes to heroes. Can’t a man retire and have peace after saving the world time and time again.

With Evans likely finished with the MCU, this is the most logical conclusion. Still, the existence of such rhetoric helps show why the MCU is different from other movie franchises.

Even though Captain America is only part of a few films, its impact on this universe will be felt for many years to come. The MCU is masterful in making every departure essential. What this thread helps to recognize, however, is that these departures don’t always have to end in death.


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