Canadian Comedy Series “Schitt’s Creek” Wins First Emmy Award


LOS ANGELES – Canadian comedy series “Schitt’s Creek” won its first Emmy Award. Actor Eugene Levy, one of the stars and co-creator of the series, praised John Comerford and Lisa Parasyn on Twitter for winning the Emmy for an Outstanding Cast for a Comedy Series.

The Television Academy announced the award Thursday night to honor outstanding artistic and technical achievement in television.

“Schitt’s Creek” debuted on CBC, Pop TV and later Netflix before becoming a global phenomenon, with countless kudos for the story of the once wealthy Rose family adjusting to a humble life in a small town that the father had bought as a joke.

Levy’s son Daniel, another star and co-creator of the series, also sprang to Emmy victory, saying “I AM SCREAMINGGG”, congratulating Comerford and Parasyn in a tweet.

“Schitt’s Creek” was nominated for a total of fifteen Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Catherine O’Hara for Outstanding Lead Actress, Eugene Levy for Outstanding Lead Actor, Daniel Levy for Outstanding Supporting Actor and Annie Murphy for Outstanding Lead Actress.

“CONGRATULATIONS to John Comerford and Lisa Parasyn for winning the FIRST EMMY of Schitt’s Creek for an Outstanding Cast for a Comedy Series !! Eugene Levy said in a tweet. “So deserved !!! “

The show ended in April after six seasons.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on September 17, 2020.


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