Canada wants US border closed, minister says to concerns of Point Roberts second homes


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Canadians have made it clear they want to keep the border closed for as long as necessary to keep everyone safe during the pandemic, even if that means access to Point Roberts remains severely restricted, said the Federal Minister for the Environment and Climate. change.Jonathan Wilkinson, also a Liberal MP for North Vancouver, says he has been approached by some voters in the city worried about not being able to access second homes in the border town where many retired Canadians also live.

“Canadians want us to be very careful with other exceptions at the border. If you look at public opinion research, it’s a very large proportion of Canadians who, at this point, don’t want to see the border reopen. Eventually, of course, we all know it’s going to have to happen, but not yet. “


The land border closure has separated Canada and the United States from all but essential travel since March, and it was recently extended to at least October 21.

Canadians currently living in Point Roberts said the community of around 1,000 residents increasingly resembles a ghost town the longer the pandemic lasts as many stores and restaurants have been forced to close.

Mais le ministre dit que toute exception à la fermeture de la frontière nécessiterait un examen attentif.

«De toute évidence, nous devrions être convaincus que cela pourrait être fait d’une manière contrôlable et sûre», déclare Wilkinson. «Ce serait la conversation qui aurait lieu avec le ministre Blair et les responsables de la sécurité à la frontière. À ce stade, cependant, je dirais que le principe de base pour nous est la prudence et la vigilance.


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