Canada: a boy saved by the police thanks to the night vision of a helicopter


On September 22, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) received a call from a panicked mother, social media posts show.

“My son, who has special needs, who is 6, is missing,” says the mother. “He’s been missing for about 45 minutes, we’ve been looking for him. ”

The mother said she thought he was in the forest behind their property and was worried about what to do. “It will be dark before we know it,” she said.

The OPP released a night vision video of the dense forest, which shows the outline of a small child lying down.

“It’s right near the water line over there,” said the pilot.The video then shows the outlines of several people and a dog on the ground walking towards the boy.

Guided by a laser from the helicopter, the officers make contact with the boy and report, “We are taking him out. It appears to be in good condition. ”

The pilot signs, “They are great boys. “


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