California Wildfires: The Force Is With Baby Yoda, The Lucky Kitten Rescued From North Complex Fire | American News


A newborn kitten strikingly resembling Star Wars favorite baby Yoda has been rescued from wildfires in California.

The Force was clearly with the little moggie, who was found in the middle of a road in northern California by firefighters grappling with the North complex fire A week ago.

She was covered in smoke and ash and is estimated to be around two or three weeks old.

Home in Juniper Hills, Calif. Burns down in Bobcat fire on September 18

The animal was taken to the Cal Oak Animal Shelter, where she was examined by a veterinarian, the North Valley Animal Disaster Group, who named her Baby Yoda, said on Facebook.

With huge ears, round eyes, and a tiny button-down nose, the similarity to Star Wars character The Mandalorian is easy to spot.

The original Yoda was Luke Skywalker’s Jedi instructor in The Empire Strikes Back.

North Valley vice president Norm Rosene told CNN the group has been inundated with requests from people interested in adopting him, so “Baby Yoda will have no problem finding a home.”

After exhausting one, or possibly more, of her nine lives, she is currently in the care of a receiving medical caregiver as the rescue group waits a month before offering rescued animals from the fires for adoption.

Rosene said: “We will hold on to the animals and give everyone a chance to get their life back before they reclaim their animals. Who knows, Baby Yoda’s parents might be out there looking for her and waiting to get her back. “

The original Yoda was Luke Skywalker’s Jedi instructor in The Empire Strikes Back

More than 70 large forest fires are burning across the western United States, fueled by drought, high winds, dry vegetation and above-average temperatures.

At least 26 people have died in the fires affecting California, Oregon and Washington state, with millions of acres of land destroyed, entire cities wiped out and thousands forced from their homes.


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