BTS: K-pop group reacts with “tears” after making Billboard history


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The seven-member boyband made history

The BTS members said they were in “tears” after becoming the first all-Korean pop group to top the Billboard 100 singles chart with their new English single “Dynamite.”

Jimin, one of the seven members, said that “the tears kept falling”, adding in a tweet that he “didn’t know what to say”.

He also thanked their fans, known as ARMY, saying, “I’m crazy now but you did that. [happen].  »

Another Suga member simply posted a series of crying emojis.

Dynamite, their first song sung entirely in English, hit 33.9 million US streams in its first week, to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Within minutes, the hashtags # BTS1onHot100 and #BTS_Dynamite started trending, with fans flooding the hashtags with congratulatory posts.

“No words, just tears,” one fan said on Twitter.

“I can’t express what I’m feeling. I’m so proud of you guys and how far we’ve come, ”said another.

Many retweeted an interview with BTS, in which Suga said he hoped to someday reach number one on the Billboard charts.

Even South Korean President Moon Jae-in intervened, saying the boys had achieved a “splendid feat.”

“After being at the top of the Billboard 200 Main Albums chart four times, they have now reached number one on both charts,” Moon said.

“The song Dynamite was composed to give a message of comfort… it will bring consolation to Koreans suffering from the national crisis caused by Covid-19. ”

Dynamite broke records shortly after its release on August 21 with its pastel-colored, dance-filled video, reaching 101 million views on YouTube just 24 hours after its release.

The band said they wanted the song to convey “positive vibes, energy, hope, love, purity, everything.”


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