Bryson DeChambeau: US Open champion’s coach warns against taming his style


DeChambeau was the only player to finish below par at the 2020 US Open

New US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau will find ways to win even if the rules of golf try to guard against his power off the tee, his coach says.

American DeChambeau won his first major tournament by six strokes in the Winged Foot Test in New York on Sunday.

The 27-year-old averaged 325 yards with his driver, prompting golf officials to tame those big shots.

“Try to make it difficult for Bryson and I’ll tell you he’ll figure out how to beat you,” coach Mike Schy said.

Schy told BBC World Service: “The reality is, if you make Bryson can’t play, he will find out.

“They can easily change this whole situation by scaling the courses and they don’t talk about it.

“Instead of having the same rough 200 yards from the green, you scale it. At 200 meters, it is an inch and a half deep. At 60 yards, he’s six or seven inches tall. The game can come down to strategy, risk and reward. if you scale the rough the right way.

“If you scale the rough, it reverts back to what it was before. “

‘The best putter in the world’

England’s Ian Poulter and others gave DeChambeau credit for following through on his decision to change the game

DeChambeau’s display has stepped up calls for golf makers to tackle big shots by changing courses, creating clubs or even golf balls.

The R&A and USGA have already set up a Distance Insights project to examine the matter, but its work has been interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

DeChambeau was the only player to break the par at Winged Foot and he did so by attacking off the tee and accepting that he would find it difficult at times.

He only found 23 of 56 fairways off the tee over his four laps – the lowest proportion of any US Open champion. Rory McIlroy said winning by finding so few fairways was “really hard to understand”.

BBC Sport golf correspondent Iain Carter said DeChambeau had “Tore the golf playbook” but it was “time to act” when finding fairways no longer matters at a major tournament.

Notably, DeChambeau’s victory follows extensive coverage of a decision by change his body shape by adding 20 lbs loose during the coronavirus lockdown.

Schy says he’s happy his player is gaining confidence the way he wants, but feels his first major win owes more to his playing on the green and the comfort of using a lock-up putter.

“He owned this putter and I knew once he owned it it was only a matter of time that he would become a great putter,” added Schy. “I hope people don’t look past that. To win a major you have to be a good putter and it is.

“I would say he’s probably the best putter in the world right now. “

Schy says DeChambeau has historically “struggled to celebrate” because of his appetite for work, but insists it will push him to enjoy his success at the US Open for longer.

Their quest to unlock new upgrades will see them working with a 48-inch drive shaft in the coming weeks before the revamped 2020 Masters takes place at Augusta National starting November 12.

“Augusta, as far as the driving goes, it suits him really well because they don’t have it tough like a US Open,” added Schy.

“The precision on the green will be interesting. This has been his weakness for the past three months. When you get to Augusta it has to improve. “


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