Browns final score vs Bengals: Cleveland offense comes to life with 35-30 win


For a national game, the Battle of Ohio did not disappoint and was full of excitement. Fortunately, it was the Cleveland Browns who won this battle, dropping to 1-1 with a 35-30 victory Thursday night over the Cincinnati Bengals. Let’s move on to the game recap.

1st quarter

The Browns started the game and the special teams unit didn’t start well by allowing a return to the 39-yard line. Bengals QB Joe Burrow took Cincinnati onto the field with calm throws. However, the 15-play, 41-yard reader saw DE Adrian Clayborn notched an 11-yard sack on third base in the red zone, forcing the Bengals to settle for a 38-yard basket to give them a 3-0 lead.

QB Baker Mayfield found success in his first practice of the game, using the bootleg in back-to-back games to pass to WR Jarvis Landry et WR KhaDharel Hodge. Cleveland even got over a 1st and 22nd situation with ease, with the help of a scramble from Mayfield. RB Nick Chubb finished the run with a solid 11-yard touchdown to give the Browns a 7-3 lead.

2nd quarter

The Bengals’ second practice featured a DT sack Sheldon Richardson, then on the third down, Burrow went to call a time out as the cross broke the ball. The ball sailed over Burrow’s header and he covered a loss of 22 yards, leading to a punt.

The Browns picked up gold again on their next trip. After a 13-yard run by Chubb, Mayfield again simulated the playing action and rolled to his left, finding WR Odell Beckham streaks on the left sideline for a 43-yard touchdown pass. K Cody Parkey connected on the extra point again to give Cleveland a 14-3 lead early in the second quarter.

Instead of turning into a rout, Burrow fought back. The Bengals were once again sparked by another great kickoff comeback, this time for 45 yards. Inside Cleveland Territory, Burrow found RB Joe Mixon on a signposted route of 18 meters, followed by a failure of coverage which allowed him to connect with TE CJ Uzomah for a 23 yard wide touchdown. That reduced Cleveland’s lead to 14-10 with nine minutes left in the second quarter.

On the Browns’ third drive, they tried to start with a false double backhand leading to a screen pass, but RB Kareem Hunt got caught in traffic, so Mayfield threw the ball away. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the ball back to the line of scrimmage, resulting in an intentional grounding. Supported in a 2nd and 24th, Cleveland could only get to 4th and 1st before punting. The defense held their ground in their next practice, however, to force a punt back with a better position on the field.

Mayfield pushed the offense forward on the next haul with a good mix of points and assists. He would have had Beckham for another big play on the left sideline, but the official missed an obviously obvious pass interference call where the defender grabbed his jersey. Nonetheless, Cleveland continued to move the chains via the ground, entering the red zone on the two-minute warning. Facing a 3rd and a goal, the Bengals missed a cover and left Hunt wide open at the front pylon for a 6-yard touchdown, giving the Browns a 21-10 lead with 1:31 left in the half.

The Bengals were still able to add points before the end of half-time, as Burrow put the Bengals in position for a 43-yard field goal, which Bullock connected to make it a 21-13 game.

3rd quarter

Cleveland received the ball to start the second half and was scored with a 3rd conversion and 9 for 11 yards in TE Austin Hooper to move the chains, then a 22 yard pass to WR Jarvis Landry on 4th and 2nd from the 44-yard line. Mayfield then relented to Chubb, who took the left side, smashing tackles, for a 22-yard gain to the 1-yard line (it was originally a touchdown, but the replay judged it just short).

Unfortunately, Chubb was pissed off on the first and second downs, and the third pass to Beckham was incomplete. Rather than take the advantage with two possession with a basket, Stefanski went for the 4th goal and the goal of 2, and Chubb was denied a little less than the end zone for a roll on the downs. . We didn’t know, a few minutes later Cleveland would get a mulligan.

When the Bengals took over, Burrow got DT Larry Ogunjobi jump on a tough account to give Cincinnati some leeway. After a first try, however, the Cleveland defense gained momentum. It was first a reversal of pass by CB Denzel Ward, then a second descent of the race, then on the third descent, DE Myles Garrett came around the edge to strip the ball, like DE Porter Gustin Burrow planted simultaneously, followed by DE Joe Jackson recover the ball at the 1 yard line.

A play assist on the 1st and the 1st of the 1 to Hooper was simply out of bounds, but on the second try Chubb found paydirt for the second time in the game to give Cleveland a 28-13 lead with 5: 45 to play. the third trimester.

Parkey threw the ball out of bounds to start the next practice, giving Cincinnati the ball at the 40-yard line. Then, after a short completion, S Andrew Sendejo was penalized 15 meters for lowering his helmet on one blow. The Bengals showed a sense of urgency on offense, but faced a decision in the red zone on the 4th and 5th from the 20-yard line. They went, and Burrow found a space in the middle to sneak up and run for a first try.

The Bengals continued to hurry, and at 3rd and 1 from the 4-yard line, RB Young Bernard brought it back to the 1 meter line. At the first base of the 1, Mixon was stuffed for a loss of 4 yards. At 2nd base of 5, S Karl Joseph was scored for defensive play, making it 2’s first goal. Burrow rolled out and hit WR Tyler Boyd, but he let it down. At 2nd base of 2, Burrow kept the ball on the keeper but was called out for a loss. Cincinnati finally settled for a 27-yard field goal to make it a 28-16 game going into the fourth quarter.

4th trimester

Cleveland got the ball, and this time it was RB Kareem Hunt’s drive to start. Hunt couldn’t be denied, but at the 2nd and 6th from the 26-yard line, Mayfield executed a false playaction. He missed a defender and thought he had TE Harrison Bryant open in the middle for a touchdown – but he never saw CB William Jackson streaks on the other side for interception.

The Cleveland defense then had a chance to put the game on ice, as Cincinnati faced a 4th and 5th from midfield. Burrow converted with a 13-yard finish to Boyd, advancing to the red zone with 8 minutes left in the game. Later in the ride, the Browns appeared to have a sack after collapsing the pocket, but Gustin’s hand grabbed Burrow’s face mask for a penalty. Burrow finished the run with just under 6 minutes left with a 4-yard touchdown pass to WR Michael thomas to make it a 28-23 match.

For anyone who thought the game was in danger, running backs had none of that. Practice began with 4 and 26 yard runs by Chubb, followed by a 33 yard run by Hunt to the 12 yard line. Hunt followed with a 1-then 11-yard run, setting the first base from the 1-yard line. Hunt put him on the line to give the Browns a comfortable 35-23 lead with 3:55 to go and the Bengals running out of time.

To Burrow’s credit, he ran a lot of plays to get Cincinnati on the field, adding a 9-yard touchdown to Boyd to make it a 35-30 game. Bullock then went for the kick in play with 0:43 to go. FB Andy Janovich was part of the hands team and recovered the kick in play to seal the deal.


The Browns will play on September 27, ten days from now, in their week three game against the Washington soccer team. Until then, they can rest, regain health, enjoy the victory, and develop their chemistry.

Fast batting stats

  • QB Baker Mayfield: 16 of 23 (69.6%) for 219 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT.
  • RB Nick Chubb: 22 runs, 124 yards (5.6 YPC). 2 TD. 1 catch, 9 meters (1 target).
  • RB Kareem Hunt: 10 carries, 86 yards (8.6 YPC). 1 TD. 2 catches, 15 meters (2 targets). 1 TD.
  • WR Odell Beckham: 4 catches, 74 yards (6 targets). 1 TD.
  • The Browns had 3 sacks.

Quick batting notes

  • It was a much, much better game since the attack, performing everything I imagined. Use the ground game to set up the fake playaction for Mayfield. Mayfield’s late interception will be a teaching point, as he has had time to read it and needs to be more aware.
  • Burrow is a promising young quarterback, I liked a lot of things I saw from him. But his staff are much more challenged, including on the offensive line.
  • Cleveland’s special teams coverage was always a big deal, but at least Parkey was money on his extra five points.
  • Cincinnati was a little too successful in fourth, with a 5 of 5 record.
  • Despite being without RT Jack Conklin, the Browns offensive line did a great job.


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