British Columbia’s chief health worker says she has received death threats and abuse


British Columbia’s chief health officer said he had received death threats during the COVID-19 pandemic.Dr Bonnie Henry says she has also received abusive letters and her staff have been harassed, which has raised concerns for her personal safety.

“There are a lot of people who don’t like what I do, or don’t like the way I say it, or don’t like my shoes and feel quite capable of sending me nasty notes. , making phone calls, harassing my office staff, ”she said in a group presentation to the Union of BC Municipalities.

“I had to have security in my house. I have received death threats. How do you handle this? ”

Henry says she thinks the attacks are in part due to the fact that she is a woman in a prominent position, and that people feel comfortable targeting her in a way they wouldn’t target. not necessarily a male leader.

“I feel people find it good for a woman who is more honest than some of our male leaders. But I could be wrong – maybe we just don’t talk about it. ”

Henry became a national figure as she led British Columbia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her comments on the death threats were made during a panel presentation on leadership during the pandemic, where she was speaking alongside the lieutenant governor. Janet Austin and former Tsawwassen Chief Kim Baird.

She said it was important to have open discussions while trying to guide the next generation of leaders.

“If we’re going to raise the next generation of diverse and confident leaders, we need to be able to talk about these things. We must be able to ensure that this type of abuse is not acceptable. , really, ”said Henry.


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