Britain’s Johnson plans to bypass parts of Brexit withdrawal deal


The UK government is considering legislation that will overturn key elements of the Brexit withdrawal agreement, risking the collapse of trade talks with Brussels, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.Sections of the Home Market Bill, due for release on Wednesday, are expected to “remove the legal force from parts of the Withdrawal Agreement” in areas such as state aid and Irish customs from North, the newspaper said, citing three people familiar with the plans. .

A source told the FT the move could “clearly and consciously” undermine the Northern Ireland deal Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed last October to avoid a return to a hard border in the region.

The move comes as Britain and the European Union resume negotiations on a trade deal, with Johnson saying on Sunday that if a deal is not reached by October 15, both sides should “accept it and move on. something else”.

If the sticking point of fisheries and state aid cannot be resolved and an agreement is reached, Britain would have a trade relationship with the bloc like Australia’s, which would be “a good one.” result, ”Johnson said.

The proposed legislation, as reported by the Financial Times, would increase tensions between the two sides as it tries to undo some of the elements of the withdrawal agreement signed earlier this year, including those relating to the border between Ireland , member of the EU, and Northern Ireland. , which is part of the United Kingdom.


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