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An episode of Britain’s Got Talent in which Alesha Dixon wore a Black Lives Matter necklace led to 1,900 complaints to Ofcom.

The media regulator said most of the complaints were directly related to the 41-year-old judge’s choice of jewelry.

Her set of three gold necklaces, hanging at different heights, spelled out the initials BLM.

Dixon’s pendants appeared to be an act of solidarity with the Diversity dance troupe, which performed a movement-inspired dance routine on the ITV show earlier this month.

The show aired on ITV on Saturday, and the number of complaints has now dropped from 1,675 on Monday to a total of 1,901.

An Ofcom spokesperson said: “We are assessing these complaints against our broadcast rules, but have yet to decide whether or not to investigate. ”

Last week, Ofcom announced that a Performance inspired by Black Lives Matter on the Diversity show would not be investigated.

The four-minute routine sparked around 24,500 complaints from members of the public after it aired on ITV on September 5.

The performance saw a dancer play a kneeling white cop on Ashley Banjo, echoing the murder of unarmed black man George Floyd in the United States.

The dancers also took a knee against racism and police brutality.

Diversity’s Black Lives Matter-inspired dance has received around 24,500 complaints. Pic: Syco / Thames / ITV

ITV stuck to its decision to broadcast the routine, praising the “genuine and heartfelt” performance.

After assessing the complaints, Ofcom ruled that Diversity’s performance was neither racist nor inappropriate for the family.

Following this decision, Banjo thanked those who had supported the troop for their support.

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The Dance Routine is the second most criticized TV show in the past 12 years.

Sky News has reached out to Ofcom for comment on the latest round of complaints.


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