Brexit News Live: Latest updates as EU warns Boris Johnson of queues of 7,000 trucks


Union leaders condemn abandonment of schools “at the mercy of the market”
Kent may see queues of 7,000 trucks after the end of the Brexit transition period in the worst case if carriers do not prepare for changes in customs rules, ministers warned in a leaked letter to logistics groups .

Cabinet Minister Michael Gove, who is responsible for no-deal planning, has written to logistics associations warning them of possible two-day delays for goods traveling to France in January.

The document, seen by the PA news agency, describes the government’s “reasonable worst case scenario” and warns that up to 50% of trucks crossing the Channel will not be ready for the new regulations that take effect on January 1. 2021.

It comes as Mr Gove is due to outline preparations for the end of the transition period in a statement to the Commons on Wednesday afternoon.


UK could face second nationwide lockdown if new restrictions are flouted, says Dominic Raab

The Foreign Secretary has warned that people in the UK could face a second national lockdown if new coronavirus restrictions announced yesterday are flouted.

Dominic Raab said restrictions similar to those imposed in March may not be necessary on Christmas if “everyone plays by the rules.”

He told Sky News: “Hopefully we can get through the winter months if we take these steps and everyone play by the rules, and get into Christmas without having to get into this nationwide lockdown with all the impact on society and families, but also the damage it would do to businesses. “

If new measures are needed, they will be “more intrusive”, he added, and Britain could “find itself in a national lockdown”.

“This is what we want to avoid.”

Kate NgSeptember 23, 2020 10:08 AM


Boris Johnson convinces Tory rebels about Brexit deal breaking powers

Lawmakers have backed changes to the Home Market Bill, bringing the Prime Minister closer to parliamentary approval of new powers to break the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

Boris Johnson outlines new coronavirus rules(PENNSYLVANIA)

The bill seeks to ensure that the four British countries can trade freely with each other after Brexit, but critics have said this requires breaking the EU exit treaty to protect Northern Ireland, unless discussions with Brussels do not allow a breakthrough.

Pressure from Tory backbenchers who rebelled against the bill forced Mr Johnson to agree to amend the bill to give MPs a vote before the government could use powers that would violate the bill. withdrawal agreement, which was concluded with the EU last year.

The compromise amendment was upheld by the Commons without the need for a formal vote.

Despite the disapproval of some members of the Conservative Party, including former Prime Minister Theresa May, the bill is now in the final stages of approval by the lower house of Parliament, which will take place next week.

Afterwards, the bill is subject to a two-month scrutiny in the Upper House, where many have expressed concerns about the bill and may try to strip it of litigation powers.

But any changes would have to be approved by both houses and could lead to a dead end.

Kate NgSeptember 23, 2020 9:46 AM


What are the key points of Boris Johnson’s new restrictions for England?

The Prime Minister announced a series of new coronavirus restrictions for England that could last for six months, in an attempt to curb the growing spread of Covid-19.

Samuel Osborne describes the main changes to Mr Johnson’s announcement on Tuesday night:

Kate NgSeptember 23, 2020 9:11 AM


Rishi Sunak considers German-style wage subsidies to replace leave program – report

Rishi Sunak plans to end leave program in October(PENNSYLVANIA)

The Chancellor is reportedly considering an emergency aid program to help businesses weather the second wave of coronavirus, which could include German-style wage subsidies to replace the holiday program.

With the holiday program due to end next month, companies and industry groups are pushing the government to introduce additional measures to ensure businesses can stay afloat as lockdown restrictions tighten .

Business and industry sources told the newspaper that the Treasury has decided to delay the announcement scheduled for Wednesday, in which Rishi Sunak was to confirm the extension of four government-backed loan guarantee programs until November.

But Mr Sunak is believed to be using the delay to propose a broader support package after the prime minister announced tighter restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Kate NgSeptember 23, 2020 8:53 AM


Army to ‘replace’ police force as coronavirus restrictions increase, Dominic Raab says

The Foreign Minister clarified that the military would be used to “replace” the police force in order to free officers as restrictions on coronaviruses are tightened.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Mr Raab said: ‘As the police increase some law enforcement … to make sure we have consistent adherence and compliance with guidelines, the military, the military will be there to replace – to release any necessary capacity.

“I don’t think that’s quite the suggestion from Jon Ashworth or others that they go patrolling the streets.”

His explanation comes after Boris Johnson claimed in a televised speech on Tuesday that the government would “use the military if necessary” to enforce the restrictions.

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth told LBC Radio he would support the decision to deploy the military to help with the UK pandemic response if it helps the contact tracing system.

Kate NgSeptember 23, 2020 8:43 AM


Government defeated in Lords over post-Brexit food standards

The government has been heavily defeated in the Lords over a multi-stakeholder initiative to ensure high food standards after Brexit, my colleagues report Trevor Mason and Nick Lester.

Peers supported by a majority of 95 an amendment to the agriculture bill to block the importation of food produced abroad to lower animal welfare standards.

Kate NgSeptember 23, 2020 8:23 AM


Queues of 7,000 trucks expected in worst-case Brexit

Brexit could lead to queues of 7,000 trucks in Kent after the transition period if carriers do not prepare for changes in customs rule, a letter from Minister Michael Gove has warned.

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, who is responsible for no-deal planning, wrote to logistics associations with the government’s “reasonable worst-case scenario” planning, which warns of the possibility of two-day delays for goods traveling in France in France. January.

The letter, seen by the PA news agency, says that in the Cabinet Office’s reasonable worst-case scenario, between 30% and 50% of trucks crossing the Channel will not be ready for the new regulations that will take effect on January 1, 2021. .

It also states that a “lack of capacity to accommodate unwanted trucks in French ports” could reduce the flow of traffic across the strait to 60 to 80 percent of normal levels.

“This could result in queues of up to 7,000 trucks bound for the port in Kent and associated maximum delays of up to two days,” the documents say.

Kate NgSeptember 23, 2020 8:21 AM


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