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And David Jones, vice-president of the Eurosceptic European Research Group (ERG), said the EU negotiator would do well to heed one of his favorite phrases, explaining: “The clock is ticking. However, the MP for Clwyd West said he remained pessimistic about the prospects for a deal, despite a recent suggestion from Spectator political editor James Forsyth that the two sides were “on their way to a deal.”

Earlier this month, Mr Johnson set the deadline by confirming the release of the Home Market Bill, which, if royal assent, will controversially grant the UK government the power to override certain aspects of the Northern Ireland Withdrawal Agreement.Mr Jones said there was so little time left, especially given Mr Johnson’s deadline which appears to exceed the Dec.31 deadline which will mark the end of the transition period.

He said: “Frankly, it’s not three months anymore when you think about it because Boris has already given them that deadline so effectively that we’re talking about two and a half weeks. ”

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Mr Barnier is well known for his metaphor related to watchmaking – but Mr Jones suggested that it was now a Brussels that needed to be applied to itself.

He explained, “It’s good enough to use because the roles are now reversed.

“The clock is ticking – for the European Union. ”

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“And if they expect that, there won’t be a deal, right?”

Speaking today, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove insisted that the clauses in the Home Market Bill that crush the Withdrawal Agreement will remain, regardless of what the EU asks for. ‘they are deleted.

Speaking after talks with European Commission Vice-President Maros Sefcovic, Gove told reporters: “We want to make sure that the Withdrawal Agreement is fully implemented.

“But these clauses are there, they are in the legislation, supported by the House of Commons, as a safety net, if necessary.

“And these clauses will remain in this bill. ”

Mr Johnson had been very clear that progress in trade negotiations between chief negotiators Michel Barnier and David Frost had to be made for the process to be completed on time, Mr Gove said.

Regarding his talks with Mr. Sefcovic, Mr. Gove said: “We had a constructive meeting.

“We were both clear to each other where we were still some distance from each other, but we were both as clear as we wanted to close that gap. ”

“Maros Sefcovic and I are committed to using every available moment: every second, every minute, every hour, in order to reach an agreement and I have no doubts that we will. “


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