BRAUN: Virtual TIFF a boon during COVID


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Respected around the world, TIFF is known for presenting and championing films that win Oscars and other accolades.

He is also responsible for generating over $ 200 million in economic activity for Toronto and the province.

This year’s digital platform was born out of necessity, but it’s exciting to consider the potential to sustainably extend the reach of the festival.

“It actually allows a person, say, from Red Deer, Alta., To watch a movie that they might never have had access to without TIFF’s Bell Digital Cinema,” says Vicente.

The number of tickets sold is limited and security and anti-piracy measures are in place. TIFF members, donors and patrons got first access as always, and public tickets are on sale now.

“While we all agree that nothing beats the experience of the festival in person, we are delighted to present the work of exceptional filmmakers to the public,” says Vicente.

“We’re all adapting and doing our best to innovate and pivot to execute something new, and then finally embrace that new reality.”

The digital platform could increase attendees as well as audience, as TIFF events such as “In Conversation With” will no longer be limited by a person’s ability to travel.

“It opened up a whole new area of ​​possibilities for us,” says Vicente.

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