Braid: Shandro promises many more details on COVID-19 cases in schools


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The two-case standard means the website at launch shows no cases because the students did not return long enough for transmission to occur.

At the same time, Hinshaw has publicly stated that 16 schools have unique cases that may involve infection.

That is why it is essential that the card also names the schools with unique cases.

Shandro said it would start in a few days.

Hinshaw reiterated the points, but also said the single-case notification protocols were still being worked out. She did not specify when it was going to start.

Shandro said, “If there’s no chance of transmission at school, if the person hasn’t even gone to school, I don’t think that’s a situation that needs to be reported.

“But if there’s a student or staff member who has come to school contagious, report it. And I agree, just one case.

Obviously, if that were in place now, the card would register 16 schools with potentially infectious cases.

Hinshaw takes these cases very seriously – that’s one more reason parents and students have a right to know.

Shandro said the schools disclosure model was a success with the government’s report on case levels in municipalities.

“It really took down a lot of anxiety, a lot of tension,” he said.

“I just thought we could do the same for schools. And so I asked the ministry to make a similar tool for the school level.

The announcement and launch came the day after the NDP called for the creation of a government website to provide a full account of cases.


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