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The Miami Heat are just one win away from the NBA Finals after beating the Boston Celtics in Game 4, 112-109.Rookie Tyler Herro was the star of Game 4, exploding for a career-high 37 points off the bench – the most ever awarded to a rookie in a Conference Finals game.

After trailing up to 12 points, the Celtics rallied in the second half, with Jayson Tatum scoring all of his team’s 28 points in the final 24 minutes, but it wasn’t enough.

If you missed any of the actions we covered for you with live updates, highlights and more from this contest.

FINALE: Miami Heat 112, Boston Celtics 109


– What a finish! The Heat now take a 3-1 series lead behind rookie Tyler Herro’s 37 points. Jimmy Butler added 24 points, Goran Dragic 22 and Bam Adebayo 20!

– Jayson Tatum led the Celtics with 28 points, while Jaylen Brown added 21 and Kemba Walker 20. Can the Celtics find a way back to the series?

– Butler gets another free throw to set them up three with 1.1 on the clock. Boston tried to get him down the field for a shot, but the Heat interrupted play and sealed the W.

– Butler gets two free throws to go down to bump the Heat up four points 111-107 with 6.0 seconds left.

– The Celtics make things interesting! Jaylen Brown gets the triple from the corner to make it a three-point game, 107-104 with 16 seconds remaining.

– Tatum buries the triple then gets the theft at the other end. He’s fouled by Butler at the rim, but the Heat disputes the appeal. Heating cable 107-101. Jump the ball. (0:29)

– Butler and Dragic are again at the end of the fourth quarter. They score on consecutive possessions to extend the lead to 105-98 (1:36)

– Tatum gets the fadeaway to go and end the Heat’s 7-0 run. He scored all of his 20 points in the second half. Miami leads 91-87 (6:37)

– Another turnover for the Celtics, they are 17th in the game. Herro goes down at the other end and finishes the reverse lay-up to score 30 points for the rookie! (6:41)

– Tyler Herro isn’t slowing down anytime soon! He has a high of 28 points!

End of third quarter: Heat 77, Celtics 76

– The Celtics turned things around in the third quarter after calling up to 12 points. We have a great finish coming up!

– Jayson Tatum came to life during the period, scoring his 16 points for the quarterback game. He is now the team’s top scorer in the game.

– Tyler Herro = playmaker

– Hayward gets five quick points as Celtics reduce lead to three (2:57)

– Tatum gets his first points of the game, knocking down consecutive triples. He’s 2 of 9 on the court and 2 of 6 on deepTimeout Heat. (6:12)

– Duncan Robinson reverses three free throws after being fouled by Walker on a 3-point attempt. Miami now has its biggest series lead 55-46 (9:17)

Mi-temps: Heat 50, Celtics 44

– The Heat enter the half with a six-point lead, thanks to big minutes from Tyler Herro, who leads his team with 15 points and five rebounds. Butler has 11 and Adebayo 10.

– Kemba Walker leads the Celtics with 12 points, while Jaylen Brown has 10. Tatum enters the half scoreless. He settled for three (0-4) rather than going into painting. Expect Brad Stevens to make him attack the rim in the second half.

– It was a scrappy offensive start for both teams, especially from the 3-point line. Boston connected just 5 of 19 of their three, while the Heat are 4 of 17

Half-time team statistics:

– The shooting night was tough for both teams beyond the arc, but the Celtics’ 10 turnovers gave the Heat a slight advantage

– Jayson Tatum is still scoreless in the middle of the second quarter (0 of 6). Gordon Hayward enters match for Tatum (5:40)

– The Heat shake things up with their zonal defense, forcing the Celtics’ fourth turnaround in quarter and seventh of the game (8:51)

– Tyler Herro is everywhere for the heat. He gets the free throw line jumper out of the game interrupted for his 11 points of the evening! Celtics Time Out (9:07)

End of first quarter: Heat 24, Celtics 23

– The Heat take a one point lead in the first break with Butler and Adebayo scoring six points each. Walker leads the Celtics with nine and Brown six.

– Robert Williams is giving the Celtics good first minutes with his activity around the rim. He has four points and three rebounds, all on the offensive side.

– Both teams battle beyond the arc, with the Celtics shooting 2 of 8 and Heat 2 of 7. Miami leads 22-20 (1:43)

– An aggressive start for Kemba Walker, he scored nine points on 3 out of 4 shots (4:04)

– Jaylen Brown commits two quick faults in the first quarter

– Jimmy Butler got off to a quick start in Game 4, he has six of Miami’s 10 points

– The Celtics have a clean look thanks to their training and hitting game. Kemba opens in the corner for three

– Adebayo making his presence felt inside early for the Heat

– Jimmy Butler buries the fadeaway for the first points of the game and we’re on our way


– Partants des Boston Celtics: Kemba Walker, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Taum et Daniel Theis

– Miami Heat starters: Goran Dragic, Duncan Robinson, Jimmy Butler, Jae Crowder and Bam Adebayo

– Jaylen Brown lets go before the fourth game

– Chauncey Billups sits down with Heat Big Man Bam Adebayo before Game 4

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