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Boris Johnson’s grim televised speech describing months of coronavirus restrictions dominates the front pages of Wednesday, with many quotes and varying degrees of optimism.The Daily Mail reflects the full force of the Prime Minister’s speech: “Boris gives the two barrels to the United Kingdom”. He focuses on his criticism of those who break the rules and the main image nods at his mention of using the military to support the police.

Daily Mail UK

Wednesday @DailyMailUK #MailFrontPages pic.twitter.com/17bcfim5EY

September 22, 2020

The Guardian raises the prospect of a second lockdown if the new restrictions are not followed. He notes that Johnson suggests that “freedom-loving” Britons will be to blame if more draconian restrictions are enforced.

The Guardian

Guardian front page, Wednesday September 23, 2020: Follow new restrictions or risk a second lockdown, Johnson warns pic.twitter.com/rM2LvmXbfU

September 22, 2020

The Mirror portrays the crisis in terms of the Prime Minister’s bet, with the title “Boris in the Last Chance Saloon”. He reports that he is banking on early pub closing hours to avoid a second big lockdown.

Daily Mirror
(@Daily Mirror)

Tomorrow’s cover story: Boris in the Last Chance Saloon #tomorrowspaperstoday https://t.co/IbxL79Sio6 pic.twitter.com/p88t8vsUyk

September 22, 2020

Metro goes with a hint of humor, going for a simple “6 month rule” and reminding readers that it’s shaping up to be a dark Christmas.

Metro Newspaper UK

First page of Wednesday:
6 MONTH RULE#tomorrowspaperstoday #BBCPapers #skypapers pic.twitter.com/iXwks2e7zZ

September 22, 2020

The Times chooses a quote from Johnson’s Churchillian speech on perhaps the most optimistic front page. “A fight that humanity will win,” he quotes, highlighting the Prime Minister’s turnaround on the return of workers to the office.

Allie Hodgkins-Brown

Wednesday TIMES: “‘A Struggle Mankind Will Win” #TomorrowsPapersToday pic.twitter.com/5SfndCmtGL

September 22, 2020

The Telegraph also opts for gravitas and chooses a quote warning that the fight against Covid is not over yet. He also notes the prime minister signaling the possible use of the military and the prospect of restrictions until March next year.

The telegraph

Tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph front page:

“There are difficult months ahead. The fight against Covid is by no means over ‘#TomorrowsPapersToday #coronavirus https://t.co/j2MdrcrZ28 pic.twitter.com/n340ssGDZZ

September 22, 2020

According to the FT, “Johnson warns of a ‘perilous’ period as brakes imposed for 6 months,” focusing on corporate reaction and choosing a secondary image of Johnson in the Commons.

Financial Times

Just published: Financial Times front page, London edition, Wednesday 23 September 2020 pic.twitter.com/kaUVg6Nexs

September 22, 2020

The Daily Express goes with what could be interpreted as the gentle rebuke of the Prime Minister of the nation during his “sincere” televised appeal. He reports: “The country must invoke ‘discipline, resolve and the spirit of solidarity’ to save lives this winter. “Our destiny is in our hands”, is the title. He chooses an image of Johnson with not one but both fists clenched.

Daily Express

Front page of tomorrow: our destiny is in our hands#tomorrowspaperstoday https://t.co/PjHGGiNbCJ pic.twitter.com/seLkFEBks2

September 22, 2020


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