‘Bond King’ Billionaire Suggests He Could Follow Joe Rogan’s Example And Leave California


Jeffrey Gundlach

Getty Images

Jeffrey Gundlach may have had enough of Golden State.

The billionaire CEO of Los Angeles-based Doubleline Capital pitched the idea on Twitter TWTR,
+ 1,62%
this weekend of departure from California to “escape incompetent governance”

Here is the tweet:

Tesla’s TSLA,
+ 5,04%
Earlier this year, Musk threatened to move the Silicon Valley automaker’s headquarters out of California, while podcast giant Rogan recently moved to Texas, saying before leaving that “it’s too crowded here. . I think it’s untenable, I don’t think it’s manageable.

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro informed his fans of his plans to move to Tennessee in a tweet earlier this month:

As for Gundlach, if he decides to take the plunge, it is clear from his tweet that the move will be in reaction to the prospect of a tax hike in California, where lawmakers have proposed raising the top rate to 16.8. % vs. 13.3% for those earning more than $ 5 million.


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