BMW M3 Touring spied in traffic, looks menacing thanks to performance parts


Looking at these spy photos is downright surreal. One day we report a rumor, the next BMW comes out with an announcement, and a few weeks later we have the test prototype. It looks production-ready, although this car isn’t supposed to be released until 2022, so what is the M3 Touring and why would we want something like this to happen in America? Well, quite simply, it has all the hooligan character of an M3 sedan in a package that is also practical and practically unique to BMW and the automotive scene in general.Getting back to the current prototype, we couldn’t help but notice how many potential options it has. The golden calipers signify a high performance brake, on which we see oversized wheels. They look good like they’ve been stolen from an M4 GTS, but maybe the tire is a bit thin for family car use.

At the rear, the aerodynamic package has been improved and it is easier to measure the widened hips and the track. And what about this frontal? Yeah, even the RS4 can’t play with a grille like that. And it shouldn’t since the M3 Touring will be a monster.

A few months ago, we saw a drag race between the RS4 and an M340i Touring, which is about 100 horsepower less than the less powerful new M3. The Bimmer was winning hard, so the 444-horsepower quattro model will be in a paint world within two years.

As a reminder, we recently learned that BMW won’t have xDrive AWD for the M3 and M4 until summer 2021. However, the M3 Touring will debut later, so you should be fine.


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