‘Black Panther’ executive producer shares touching text from Chadwick Boseman sent just before his death


Actor Chadwick Boseman, who died last week, is mourned and celebrated Thursday in his hometown of Anderson, South Carolina. Meanwhile, the texts he sent right before his death show just how a Super hero to his youngest fans.“They went through hell with disease,” he wrote to his executive producer, referring to the sick children they worked for to get toys. “If we were able to ease their suffering and bring them joy for a while, and hopefully moments (while) he is browsing the bags, then we have made a difference in his life. ”

Back when Boseman was promoting his hit movie “Black Panther” he was talking about two boys he knew who had terminal cancer who said they couldn’t wait. his new movie.

“When I now think back to a kid, you know, waiting for a toy or a video game. I’ve lived a life waiting for these moments, ”said Boseman.

It was an emotional moment that means more today than anyone realized – because, just like those two little boys, Boseman was also battling cancer.

Boseman lost his battle with colon cancer at the age of 43. Few people knew about his illness – neither his colleagues, nor even the young people he often visited in the hospital, like Zoe Dale.

“Everyone should take a lesson from him by being able to see what he’s going through and always have a smile on your face,” Dale said.


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