“Black Lives Matter” painted on the iconic rock of White Rock


White Rock’s iconic white boulder was partially covered this weekend in black paint and the social justice slogan, “Black Lives Matter.”White Rock RCMP said an investigation is underway.

Anthony Manning, a White Rock city councilor, told CBC News he spotted the painting on Sunday morning while participating in the annual Canadian March for Veterans.

“I support the right of anyone to express their opinion, but degradation or destruction of property is not the way to get your message across,” Manning said. “It undermines their position and emboldens the opposition. ”

He said the incident was particularly unfortunate because the rock is considered sacred to the local Semiahmoo First Nation. The Nation could not be reached for comment.

“Overall, it’s not a great way to put the very worthy BLM cause in the best light,” added Manning.

He expects the city to quickly comb the message out like it did a few months ago when people spray painted an anti-police acronym on the monument.

The city was not available for comment.


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