Bill Gates questions FDA credibility on COVID-19 vaccine


Bill Gates is alarmed at what he sees as the Trump administration’s failed response to the coronavirusand fears that the policy may erode public confidence in the possible vaccine.The billionaire philanthropist and his wife have voiced their concerns to several news outlets, detailing what they see as a series of mistakes in confronting a virus in the United States. “You know, this situation has been mismanaged every step of the way,” Gates told STAT News. ” It’s shocking. It’s amazing – the fact that we would be among the worst in the world. ”

According to Gates, a key mistake has been appointing neuroradiologist Scott Atlas to help guide the White House response to the pandemic rather than an epidemiologist or infectious disease specialist. Atlas advocated letting the virus spread unchecked so that the United States would gain collective immunity – an approach contested by many public health experts, including Dr Anthony Fauci.


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