Bill Barr allegedly suggested bringing charges of sedition against protesters | American News


William Barr has asked prosecutors to explore the aggressive charges against those arrested in recent protests across the United States, even suggesting laying a rarely used sedition charge, reserved for those who planned a threat that posed danger imminent for government authority, according to several reports Wednesday.The move signals a doubling of Barr’s aggressive approach to the protests. Barr told U.S. lawyers across the country on a conference call last week that they should seek to prosecute federal charges against people arrested during protests, although state charges may also apply, a reported the Wall Street Journal.

The Journal reports that more than 200 people have been charged with federal crimes in connection with the protests, including arson, assaults on federal agents and crimes committed with firearms. Dozens of people facing charges were protesting in Portland, Oregon, where protesters staged nightly protests and were violently suppressed by federal agents.


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