Bilal Hassani wants France to be more positive about Eurovision


Since his trip to Eurovision began two years ago, Bilal Hassani made it clear that he was a longtime Eurovision fan. And on Monday, he used not only the eyes of a fan, but also the experience of being a former representative to assess France’s fortunes in the Eurovision Song Contest.Speaking on the radio show It feels good, the LGBTQ icon has diagnosed the many hollows in France since his last victory with Marie Myriam in 1977. Without questioning the talent of the artists or their chosen songs, he suggested that the country’s failures come down to his attitude towards Eurovision. He thinks there is a lack of positivity and optimism as a whole.

“We will win when we stop thinking that we are the losers,” he said. “Because this mentality sends the wrong signal to the universe, and it makes us repeat this story.”

Bilal Hassani readily admits that he approached Tel Aviv with the enthusiasm of someone happy to participate, rather than someone with naked ambition to win.

“I went to Eurovision in a spirit of participation. I said to myself: “I’m doing Eurovision, it’s crazy”, and that’s all I remember.

With his love for the competition, he wants France to appreciate the fact that this is an automatic qualifier – and that they have the guaranteed chance to make the grand final.

France at Eurovision 2021

As far as we already know, Tom Leeb will not represent France in 2021. In June, the head of the French delegation, Alexandra Redde-Amiel, confirmed that France will use a new national selection format named Eurovision France, you decide. This show replaces the most recent selection format Destination Eurovision.

Redde-Amiel also confirmed that the show will be produced in-house and hosted in a regional French town by French Eurovision commentator Stephan Bern. The national final will involve a public vote, but producers have yet to confirm whether the show will also have a jury vote.

France Télévisions is currently looking for candidates. Applications remain open until September 30.

What do you think of Bilal’s analysis? Is he right? Should French candidates change their attitude for Eurovision 2021? Tell us your ideas below.


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