Bihar Top Cop Gupteshwar Pandey Who Quoted Rhea Chakraborty Aukat Resigns, May Fight Polls


Bihar: Gupteshwar Pandey had made a controversial statement on Rhea Chakraborty.

Patna: Bihar Police Chief Gupteshwar Pandey, who recently made headlines with his ” aukat“Makes fun of Rhea Chakraborty in the Sushant Singh Rajput affair, voluntarily retired. Mr Pandey is said to have decided to join politics after the green light from Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

“My retirement has nothing to do with the Sushant Singh Rajput affair,” he said today at a press conference in Patna, the state capital.

Mr Pandey’s request for voluntary retirement was transmitted on Tuesday evening and was approved by the government of Bihar, which waived a mandatory three-month cooling off period. SK Singhal will take over as the new Director General of Police.

Sources say Mr Pandey, 59, is likely to run in Bihar’s election, due in a few weeks, as the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) candidate for Sahpur in Buxar district.

This is an important move, given that Mr Pandey was instrumental in pushing the Bihar government into Sushant Singh Rajput’s investigations after his family filed a complaint in Patna accusing his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty. Ahead of the Bihar polls, the investigation took a political turn, with ruling coalition partners Nitish Kumar and BJP both claiming credit for the CBI’s takeover of the Sushant Rajput affair.

The BJP’s cultural unit in the state recently launched posters, brochures and banners featuring actor Sushant Singh Rajput with the caption: “We will not forget and let no one forget”.

Nitish Kumar also raised the case when launching his campaign.

Mr Pandey is known for his politically charged statements and has never hidden his ambitions. In 2009, he requested early retirement to participate in the national elections for the parliamentary constituency of Buxar, but the state government did not accept his candidacy. Following Nitish Kumar’s intervention, he returned to service.

After the Supreme Court approved the CBI investigation recommended by the Bihar government, Mr. Pandey, as chief of police, boasted that Rhea Chakraborty “did not have the aukat (stature) “to comment on the Chief Minister. He was referring to his remarks in the Supreme Court about the Nitish Kumar government using the Sushant Rajput inquiry for political capital.

“What the police did was correct and in accordance with legal and constitutional provisions,” he told reporters.

He changed the statement after public outrage, but barely. He said what he meant was that Rhea Chakraborty, as the accused in the case, had no right to criticize the chief minister.

In earlier media statements, Mr Pandey admitted the matter had turned political and said it was “unfortunate” that “allegations were made against Chief Minister Nitish Kumar” – comments considered unusually political for an Indian police. Service Agent (IPS).


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