‘Big Brother 22’ spoilers: week 6 eviction will be Ian Terry


Thursday’s live episode 19 of “Big Brother” will see the second man leaving only in the first six weeks of competition following the expulsion of Caesar Ridha during week 4. In a few wild days the head of the family Dani briones had to nominate four fellows as expulsion appointments: David Alexander, Kevin Campbell, Tyler Crispen and Ian Terry. These are the last two that will face off in the live vote for the September 17 episode. Read on if you want all the ‘Big Brother 22’ spoilers, including who will be leaving the house.

With everything that has happened, it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t until last Thursday that Dani won the HOH Week 6 title. She was a Season 8 finalist but was unlucky in Season 13 and finished eighth. Almost a decade later, she hopes the third time is the spell.

Dani first set her sights on David as a target this week with Kevin as a pawn. But David played his power, the Disruptor, which he had gained in the BB Basement. This meant that Dani had to find a new candidate. She chose Tyler, who was determined to win Saturday’s Power of Veto contest.

He faced Dani and Kevin as well as Enzo Palumbo, Da’Vonne Rogers and Ian. In a fight to the finish, Da’Vonne pulled off a surprise and won the POV. Dani thought she could now rest easy since Da’Vonne had assured her that she would leave the nominations withheld.

But Day had changed his mind by Monday’s POV ceremony. She chose to throw Kevin a lifeline. Fearing that this would happen, Dani had devised a plan to convince Da’Vonne that they had enough voice to send Tyler to pack his bags. However, Da’Vonne rejected this discussion and implemented his own plan.

Dani then had to find another guest to take Kevin’s place and went with Ian. As of this writing, it looks like this last minute addition to the list will be kicked out in a unanimous vote. Who do you think will be kicked out on September 17 – Ian or Tyler? Vote in our poll below, then listen in the comments section with your thoughts on # BB22 so far.

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