Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel, brings dirty laundry to Washington for free cleaning, reports WaPo


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, currently on trial in his home country for metaphorical dirty laundry, enjoys bringing dirty clothes to the United States for the cleaning of the presidential guesthouse in Washington, DC, Le Washington Post reports. Residence staff clean diplomats’ clothes free of charge. An official told the Publish, “The Netanyahu are the only ones bringing real suitcases of dirty laundry to clean. After several trips it became clear that this was intentional.A spokesperson for the Israeli embassy in DC told the Publish Netanyahu’s laundry speech was a distraction from the historic normalization agreements that Israel signed with Arab nations this month. The spokesperson gave a long list to prove it. “During this visit, for example, there was no dry cleaning, only a few shirts were washed for the public meeting, and the Prime Minister’s suit and Ms. Netanyahu’s dress were also ironed for the public meeting. Oh yes, some pajamas the prime minister wore on the 12-hour flight from Israel to Washington have also been laundered.


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