Bayleigh Dayton wanted to play more of the ‘old school’ way but couldn’t do it


A member of the jury for his original season, Bayleigh Dayton was among the select group of alumni chosen for the star-themed season two of Big Brother. Not having made it to the jury stage for Season 22, Dayton recently opened up about why she couldn’t play like the old school players.

Bayleigh Dayton and Kaysar Ridha on Season 22 of ‘Big Brother’ | CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

Bayleigh Dayton was friends with Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha, but was ally on the other side of the house

One of Dayton’s best friends in the house was Janelle Pierzina, who is considered the best Big Brother houseguest which never won the contest. Some consider her to be the best player overall. Dayton and his closest ally, Da’Vonne Rogers, also had a friendship with Pierzina’s closest ally, Kaysar Ridha.

Despite having these friendships with Pierzina and Ridha, Dayton and Rogers were allied with the main alliance on the other side of the house, which includes Tyler Crispen, Nicole Franzel, and Cody Calafiore. These are three of the most successful “new schools” Big Brother players who have shaped the game over the past few years. Pierzina and Ridha were immediately seen as threats and targets and were among the first guests to be evicted.

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The old-fashioned way of playing is out

In an exit interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dayton said she was excited to step into the game with so many old-school players. However, as we saw on the show, this All stars the season is very similar to the more recent seasons of the show.

Since Derrick Levasseur’s victory, there is usually only one dominant alliance in the house and that alliance is usually very crowded. The covenant moves as one and the house, even those who are not in the covenant, follow suit. Most of the votes are unanimous, because if someone doesn’t vote with the House, they will likely be a target. Although it started roughly during Levasseur’s season, this new method of play was reinforced during Paul Abrahamian’s two seasons. There may be several other covenants within the larger alliances, but most of the house covenants now overlap. These huge alliances include:

This new style of play is very different from the old seasons, where two or three alliances also ruled the season. Even though an alliance was stronger, there was at least one other group vying for domination every week. Unanimous expulsions were not the norm.

The reality TV star had to set up to the current standard

Dayton says she hoped to play at least a “middle ground” between the two styles, but the old school style is not being praised by new players. These differences explain why Pierzina, Ridha and Keesha Smith were among the first players to come out. They were unable to catch up with the new style. Still, some players from older seasons, like Memphis Garrett and Briones, have been able to adapt.

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“I really feel like it is. I had been hoping for this game – because there were so many old school players – I’m like, cool, maybe we can strike a happy medium, ”she said. “But because of the way this game has looked, it’s almost like it’s no longer being respected. For example, the more you lie and manipulate, the more respected you are in this type of house. But for me, I admire the mental gymnastics of the original Big Brother Game. I think part of this should be reported.

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