Autistic Utah teen gunned down by police after mother called for help


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As in other U.S. cities, Salt Lake City has seen protests against police brutality this summer

A 13-year-old boy in Glendale, Utah, has been shot and killed by police several times after his mother called 911 for help with his mental health crisis.

Linden Cameron, who has Asperger’s, a form of autism, is now in serious condition in hospital, her mother said.

Golda Barton said she believed the police present Friday night would use “the minimum possible force”.

Salt Lake City Police Sgt. Keith Horrocks told reporters the incident is currently under investigation.

Speaking to KUTV, a local CBS affiliate, Ms Barton said she told the 911 operator that her son needed to be taken to hospital for treatment.

He was going through a seizure because it was his first day back to work in almost a year and “he has great separation anxiety,” she said.

“I said, he’s unarmed, he’s got nothing, he just gets angry and starts screaming and screaming,” Ms. Barton said. “He’s a child, he tries to attract attention, he doesn’t know how to regulate.

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At a press conference, Sgt Horrocks said officers had been called in for a “violent psychological problem” and reported that a boy – whom they did not name – had made “threats to certain people with a weapon ”. He added that there was nothing to indicate during their presence that the boy was armed.

An officer shot the boy as he tried to escape on foot, said Sgt Horrocks.

According to an online fundraiser set up to raise money for medical bills, Linden Cameron suffered “injuries to her shoulder, ankles, bowel and bladder.”

“The long-term effects of his injuries are still unknown, but it is likely that his recovery will be long and will require several types of treatment,” says the page, put together by a family friend.

According to data compiled and regularly updated by the Washington Post, 1,254 people with mental illness have been shot by US police since the start of 2015. This represents 22% of all those shot and killed by police across Canada. the country during this period.


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