Authorities accuse 6 people of bribing Amazon employees to gain market advantage


Six people have reportedly conspired to bribe Amazon employees and contractors to gain a competitive advantage in the retailer’s market, federal prosecutors said on Friday.According to the US Department of Justice, those charged have presented themselves as consultants and worked with third-party sellers whose products had previously been removed from the Amazon Marketplace are retrieving the items on the platform. The six people then paid a total of more than $ 100,000 in bribes to at least 10 Amazon employees in return for catering the banned goods or services, according to the indictment. The products included household items, consumer electronics and dietary supplements, prosecutors said.

“The ultimate victim of this criminal conduct is the buying public, who obtains substandard or even dangerous goods that should have been taken off the market,” US lawyer Brian Moran said in a statement. “As the world shifts more and more to online commerce, we need to ensure that the market is not corrupted by unfair advantages obtained through bribes and bribes. “


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