AstraZeneca Suspends COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Due to Possible Adverse Event in Participant


AstraZeneca on Tuesday temporarily halted its phase three trials of a possible coronavirus vaccine after a participant has suffered what could have been a serious adverse reaction. The ‘candidate’ vaccine was developed by the pharmaceutical giant with the University of Oxford and is currently being tested in large-scale human trials in the UK, US, Brazil and South Africa.All of these trials were put on hold to give scientists time to review the data, and the individual who showed the possible adverse reaction, to determine if it was in fact related to the drug.

“In the ongoing global randomized controlled trials of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine, our standard review process was triggered and we voluntarily suspended vaccination to allow for review of safety data by an independent committee. An AstraZeneca spokesperson said. “This is a routine action that should occur whenever there is a potentially unexplained disease in any of the trials, while it is under investigation, ensuring that we maintain integrity of testing. “


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