Army announces investigation into leadership decisions at Fort Hood linked to death of Vanessa Guillen


General John Murray, currently Commanding General of Army Futures Command, “will conduct a full investigation into the chain of command of actions related to SPC. Vanessa Guillen, ”according to an army statement Tuesday.

“Major General Scott Efflandt will continue to serve as Deputy Commander General for Support and will remain at Fort Hood to assist with the reintegration of III Corps upon their return from their mission in support of Operation Inherent Resolve,” the statement added. .

“With Major General Efflandt remaining at Fort Hood, the Army will announce the name of a new commander of the 1st Armored Division, which Efflandt had previously been appointed to lead,” he added, adding that the announcement is expected in the next few years. days.

The death of Guillen, 20, whose remains were discovered in June, months after his disappearance, sparked a series of criticisms of the environment of the huge army base which houses 36,500 troops.

The prime suspect in his disappearance – another soldier from Fort Hood – committed suicide when confronted by investigators, according to the Army Criminal Investigations Division.Guillen’s mother, Gloria, and other relatives pleaded in tears with President Donald Trump for justice at an Oval Office meeting in July.

In a statement to CNN in late July, officials at Fort Hood told CNN there had been 23 deaths this year at the base. Officials say the deaths include seven off-duty accidents; seven suicides; a combat-related death; four homicides, including one on the base; two of natural causes; one who was undetermined while awaiting an autopsy; and drowning.

“There are currently several investigations underway at Fort Hood that are tasked with examining a wide range of topics and concerns. General Murray will turn these efforts into a more comprehensive and in-depth investigation that will deepen all activities and all levels of leadership. Said the statement, adding that Murray’s official investigation “is separate from the independent review of Fort Hood, which began in August.”

“This is a comprehensive overview of all actions taken at every echelon of command related to Vanessa Guillen,” Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told reporters on Tuesday.

The new investigation “will examine all actions of the command, from the lowest level to the top level at the post,” said Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville.

McCarthy said the new investigation was sparked in part by an increase in incidents at Fort Hood.

“If you look at this year’s numbers on the facility for criminal crimes, sexual harassment, sexual assault, the numbers are high, very high this year. And so the trends associated with this survey, we needed to have a much more complete look at the challenges Fort Hood is facing, ”he said.

“We need to understand the root causes so that we can make the appropriate changes, whether it’s a problem of leadership, resources, conditions on the ground, our systems. The numbers are bad and we have to make some adjustments because we are very concerned. McCarthy added.

The military announced that Major General John B. Richardson IV will officially assume the duties of Deputy Commanding General for III Corps operations and acting Commander-in-Chief of Fort Hood on Wednesday. His appointment had already been announced.


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