Argentinian lawmaker suspended after sex act with woman in virtual congress session


Content of the article

BUENOS AIRES – An Argentinian lawmaker was suspended on Thursday after he was caught on live camera stroking a woman before appearing to partially lower her top during a virtual session of the country’s lower house of Congress.

At a special meeting of the country’s deputies, with a few lawmakers present, but most of the rest appearing on large screens in the room, politician Juan Emilio Ameri appeared seated with a woman before performing the obscene act.

Shortly after the incident, which went viral and sparked outrage in Argentina, lawmakers voted to suspend Ameri. Ameri is a representative of the northern province of Salta in the ruling political coalition.

Virtual meetings amid the coronavirus pandemic have already stumbled lawmakers. A European Union lawmaker, Ireland Luke Ming Flanagan, appeared to wear no pants in June as he discussed political issues with his peers in the European Parliament.


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