Are you crazy, brother? Angry readers of the Alejandro Villanueva helmet debate. “Fixed” NFL games. Pirate problems.


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This week “U mad, my brother? Goes from the Steelers, to a Big Ten reboot, to Pirates ineptitude, to Justin Timberlake.

It also ranges from substantial to silly.

The agenda of Alejandro Villanueva. Helmet of Mason Rudolph. Charges from NFL officials on the take. And the covid-19 propaganda.

Other than that… eh, it’s pretty tame.

Pfft! Who am I kidding?

“WBROWN” keeps us going. He sent me that email before the Steelers won over the New York Giants on Monday night.

He was very concerned that the officials were on the move!

Because… you know… New York doesn’t have.

« We should all beware of arbitration, when it comes to holding appeals against the Steelers. Interference as well as holding offensive calls when big plays are over that push them back or give the Giants opportunities to continue plays interrupted by the Steelers defense.

I’m not saying they’ll outright cheat, but what I’m saying is the Steelers need to be on their “p’s and q’s” when it comes to the NFL trying to get the Giants off to a good start.

This is New York, after all. It always counts for something when it comes to the NFL.«

Based on that pass interference call on Joe Haden in the first half and the missed wait on TJ Watt in the second half, I thought Mr Brown was on to something.

But, come on. Compromising a game for a New York team? When will the Steelers have one of the biggest domestic fan bases?

Far be it from me to bust out a good old conspiracy theory, WB But let’s be real.

The Giants have had a winning season since 2012. And the Jets haven’t made the playoffs since 2010. If the NFL is looking to fix New York teams’ games, they’ve done a pretty lousy job.

Someone by the name of “GMoney” commented on our story about the Steelers tackle on Alejandro Villanueva’s decision to record Antwon Rose’s name on his helmet along with the name of late Army Sgt. Alwyn Cashe .

« He owes no one an explanation. He has done more for this country than most.

Of course (Head Coach Mike) Tomlin for not making it a problem. Because no.«

Non, « GMoney », Villanueva ABSOLUTELY needs an explanation. And his status as an Army veteran has nothing to do with it. It has nothing to do with this discussion.

You can agree with what Villanueva did and what not. No.

You can accept the team’s decision to put Rose’s name on their helmets in the first place, or not. No.

You can choose to tear Villanueva apart for breaking through the ranks of his teammates, while differentiating that from what Colin Kaepernick did. Again, I don’t.

But if the team made a decision and Villanueva decided to come off the grid, and his teammates say they weren’t aware of the decision, then he has to explain why that happened.

At least Kaepernick did.

Why should Villanueva feel compelled to fix the problem?

• When the same thing happened in Chicago, players have been saying all year that the fallout from the anthem debacle was part of the reason they lost that game. A match that ultimately helped cost them an advantage on the pitch in the 2017 qualifiers.

So why risk this again in 2020?

• Villanueva was a guy on a 53 squad who strayed from the plan. He intentionally makes a statement.

So explain the statement. Why paste Rose’s name instead of just putting Cashe’s name above Rose’s? Why avoid doing what everyone else on the team has been doing?

There are nuances and common ground on many topics regarding this argument. He’s not one of them. Villanueva must mobilize and answer questions.

And this is an area where not having access to open locker rooms in the coronavirus era is a very significant issue.

Let’s mix it up with a medium. It comes from USA Today writer Christine Brennan. She’s crazy about the Big Ten’s late decision to play soccer amid the coronavirus crisis.

Wow! Talk about hyperbole.

I mean, we all know this won’t be the “darkest day” in Big Ten history.

It was the day the conference allowed Rutgers to join.


David emailed me about my “First Call” message regarding Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett. He would like to “clear things up” with Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph.

« your reminds me of the media people on Fox, MSNBC, and CNN. Your article is basically your opinion. I’m tired of the media people interpreting and preaching instead of just reporting the facts. Most people draw their own conclusions. We don’t need the media to tell us what to think. I don’t know why the media constantly have to play their own role things. »

David, I’m doing this because I’m a columnist and get paid to give my opinion. It was an opinion-based article, because all my entries are free to be.

Maybe that’s why?

By the way, I’m 110% sure you would never have sent this email if you agreed with the opinion I put forward.

People only complain about the opinions of others – or their right to express those opinions – when those opinions differ from their own.

Never have I received a tweet or email that looked like this: “I totally agree with your opinion, but I do not agree that you are using your platform to give it away. “

And I can guarantee you that I will never have one like that either.

Finally, Ed has a thought on the news that Justin Timberlake might want to bring a Major League Baseball team to Nashville, Tennessee.

« is maybe thought he wanted to bring an MLB franchise to Pittsburgh (with owners who work with management).«

Ed, to use JT’s words, “Cry Me a River” and “Chop Me Up”. Because this email is “dirty”.

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