Andi McDaniel steps down as CEO of Chicago Public Media


She could not be reached immediately for comment. A spokesperson for WBEZ did not immediately return a call.McDaniel, who had been director of content at WAMU, was scheduled to start at WBEZ on September 28, after maternity leave.

But over the summer, Chicago’s public media administrators, who had unanimously approved McDaniel’s hiring, began to reconsider their decision after the complaints surfaced at the WAMU.

WAMU employees criticized the station’s management, calling for the CEO’s resignation, for what they believed were inadequate responses to complaints of inappropriate behavior from an editor and former reporter.

In his Facebook post, McDaniel wrote: “In case you were wondering what is true – was I part of the creation of the issues that arose in WAMU? – let’s say this. First, and unequivocally – I didn’t, and never would, keep someone who endangered my staff because that person was “good” at their job.

“I have always literally done everything I could to make the workplaces I have run ‘smoothly’. WAMU was no exception, but in some cases it was incredibly difficult. ”

She said she “looked forward to letting the burden of leadership fall for a little while – it always weighed heavily on my heart,” concluding: “I don’t know what to expect – and there is something pretty big about it. If you have any ideas, hope you send them to me. “


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