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Nancy and Villers-lès-Nancy,

September 29, 2020 – 6:00 p.m. (CET)
Press release

An e-Health pilot project is launched
in France’s Grand Est region

Pulsy, the Center Hospitalier Régional et Universitaire de Nancy (CHRU) and the Pharmagest Group: 3 main players serving the health ecosystem


Supported by the GIP PULSY (regional public interest group promoting the development of e-health), the “e-Parcours” program, a suite of digital services facilitating the patient’s care path, continues its mission of improving healthcare. communications between the private practice and hospital segments.

The technological solutions developed within the framework of this program will facilitate the flow of information between the different business applications of health professionals in the private sector, health establishments and regional coordination structures.

Creation of an interoperable communication hub in the Grand Est region facilitating the flow of information between the private practice and hospital segments.
Using an interoperable and interconnected communication platform facilitating the circulation of standardized documents and increasing the efficiency of information coordination tools and health and socio-medial information systems in the Nancy region, such is the mission of the joint initiative of Pulsy, the CHRU of Nancy and Pharmagest.

« As part of an IT master plan, this program will speed up the transmission of health data between regional health players and thus improve patient care by delivering medical information to the right place at the right time.»Explains Jean-Christophe Calvo, head of the Digital Transformation and Biomedical Engineering department of the GHT Sud Lorraine hospital group.

With its large installed base of software solutions, the Pharmagest Group (through its subsidiaries PHARMAGEST, MALTA INFORMATIQUE, DICSIT INFORMATIQUE, ICT and AXIGATE, bringing together the Pharmacy and Solutions Divisions for health and social assistance establishments) will contribute significantly to the ecosystem supported by Pulsy, which, with the Nancy University Hospital, intends to capitalize on this deployment.
Obtain a large mass of health documents
This cooperation will make it possible to share a large volume of health documents and information in a very short time. For example, members of the patient’s care team working in private practice will be informed of their hospital admissions and discharges as well as the medications administered by hospital practitioners.

This hub, linked to the Shared Medical File, through business applications, meets the needs of private practice and interoperability care defined in the national roadmap to accelerate the digital transformation of healthcare.

This first step in the Grand Nancy region is part of a project intended to be extended over time to the entire Grand Est region.

About GIP

Pulsy is the e-Health operator for the Grand Est region. To ensure a common vision of the region’s health issues, its governance includes representatives of the Regional Health Agency, the Caisse d’Assurance Maladie, local authorities, health establishments, public social care establishments and private and health professionals in private practice.

About CHRU Nancy –
The Regional and University Hospital of Nancy (CHRU) is the first hospital in the Grand Est region of France. It includes a certain number of sites located in the city of Nancy (Central Hospital, Maternity, Emile Gallé Center, St Julien Hospital, St Stanislas Center) in addition to an establishment located in the Brabois district (Brabois Hospitals).
With more than 9,000 employees (medical, paramedical, administrative and technical staff) and more than 100 different disciplines, the hospital provides acute care and support to health establishments in the region. It draws on its multidisciplinary and high-quality medical expertise to treat 160,000 patients each year at all stages of life through more than 1.2 million consultations and hospitalizations.
With its efficient medico-surgical services, the Nancy CHRU is a major player in biomedical research and contributes to the training of health professionals.
In line with the major reforms of the French health system, to support its efforts to optimize patient care, the hospital is strengthening its outpatient capacities and playing a leading role in the development of telemedicine.
The Nancy CHRU is also the leading hospital in the network of hospitals in the Sud Lorraine region (Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire Sud Lorraine).

About the Pharmagest group –
With more than 1,100 employees and “Citizens at the service of health and well-being”, the Pharmagest Group is the leading provider of IT solutions for the healthcare sector in Europe through innovative solutions and services for healthcare professionals guaranteeing the efficiency of the health system and the improvement of the patient care pathway.

A major player in the quality of care and coordination between the practice and hospitals, the Pharmagest Group is present in France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom where it is developing the first healthcare platform and an ecosystem unique for France and Europe, putting the best of technology at the service of people.

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