Amazon launches surveillance drone that flies inside your home


Amazon has announced a drone that flies around the house to check if users’ homes are secure.

It comes from its Smarthome security subsidiary, Ring.

The Always Home Cam flies around a predestined path, which Amazon says can check for windows left unopened or kitchen appliances that are always on.

The Always Home Cam plays the video on the Ring app, before returning to the charging station to recharge its battery.

“What I frequently hear from customers is’ I have a few indoor cameras from Ring, but sometimes I would leave the house and couldn’t remember if I had left a window open and ‘wish we had a camera there,’ ”wrote Jamie Siminoff, founder of Ring, in a blog post.

“Instead of just encouraging customers to buy more cameras and put them in more places around the house, how could we solve this problem with one solution?”

The drone has built-in technology to avoid unexpected obstacles, and because it’s so small and light, Amazon says it’s unlikely to cause damage under unforeseen circumstances.

The Always Home Cam’s camera is physically blocked when the device is charging, so it can only record when it is flying.

As it flies, Amazon says it’s “built to be loud” so the drone can be seen.

It also can’t be controlled manually, which Amazon says means it can only record “what’s important to you” – and presumably allay fears that the drone could be hacked into and used for surveillance.

It records in 1080p quality and can be programmed to respond to a disturbance detected by another Ring product.

However, privacy critics have called Amazon’s product the “scariest home monitoring product” to date.

“It’s hard to imagine why Amazon thinks anyone wants flying internet cameras hooked up to a data collection company in the privacy of their own home,” Big Brother Watch’s Silkie Carlo told the BBC.

“It is important to recognize the influence that Amazon’s product development has on communities and the growing surveillance market. “

The device is expected to cost $ 250 when it launches in the United States.


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