Alvin Kamara landing spots: Saints will likely hang on to running back, but here are possible trade-offs


Alvin Kamara is one of the best running backs in football. Now the other 31 NFL franchises may have that opportunity to play ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ with the New Orleans Saints, as the franchise may be looking to trade Kamara if they can’t reach a contract extension with the triple running back. Offensive Pro Bowl.

The Saints are doing their best to make sure Kamara is happy, as the franchise has cleared the air with the Pro Bowl running back and is still focused on working out a long-term extension with him (according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network). Kamara will return to training on Wednesday after leaving the squad to receive an epidural shot to the back that would have kept him away for a few days. Kamara always showed up at the Saints facility for the COVID-19 test in order to be able to join the team, which explained his absence.

Kamara’s trade market could heat up quickly if the Saints cannot strike a long-term deal with him. He is the only player in league history to rush for 2,000 yards, receive 2,000 receiving yards and make three Pro Bowl appearances in his first three seasons in the NFL. Over the past three seasons, Kamara is fifth in scrum yards (4,476) and second in general purpose yards (5,061). Kamara’s 27 rushing touchdowns are fifth in the NFL, and his 243 receptions and 2,068 receiving yards are second in the league among running backs just ahead of Christian McCaffrey.

Bottom line: Kamara deserves to be paid one of the best running backs in the game. If the Saints fail to complete the task, another NFL team will certainly take responsibility for having Kamara in the long run. Which of these teams would actually want to give up a first-round pick (New Orleans asking price) for Kamara, let alone the salary cap to sign Kamara to a long-term deal? Let’s dive in.

New England Patriots

The Patriots previously gave the Saints a first-round pick for an offensive playmaker (see Brandin Cooks) and he was also in the final year of his rookie contract. Seems familiar? Maybe Bill Belichick is giving up another first-round pick to add a talented running back like Kamara, especially given the Patriots’ running back situation.

If Cam Newton is really going to be successful in New England, why not give him a reliable pass-catching option that can open up his scrambling ability and give opposing defenses nightmares? Sony Michel is unreliable and who knows how reliable James White is now that Brady is in Tampa. Cam and Kamara would be a lot of fun and also open the playbook for Josh McDaniels.

Kamara will definitely get his fair share of touches in New England and open the passing game. Adding him is perhaps the gesture that gives New England another AFC East title.

Miami dolphins

Miami has shelled out $ 8.26 million to form a Jordan Howard and Matt Breida running back combination for 2020 – their attempt to improve on the league’s worst form of attacking ground a year ago. While Breida and Howard have potential, they don’t match Kamara’s talent. The Dolphins have pledged to spend the money and have plenty of ceiling space to strike a long-term deal with Fournette (projected $ 42 million in 2021 ceiling space, per Over the Cap).

The Dolphins also have a first-round pick to give up, as they own two thanks to the trade of Laremy Tunsil before the start of the season last year. Miami can easily part with a first-round pick to get a comeback as good as Kamara and give him a new contract.

Kamara’s addition could catapult Miami from a five-game winning team to a dark horse playoff contender. Tua Tagovailoa is also said to have another reliable pass-catching option in his rookie season. A win-win.

New York Jets

How about a Kamara swap for Le’Veon Bell? The Saints and Jets might consider the possibility of getting rid of each other’s comeback issues. Bell and Jets head coach Adam Gase had their disagreements and the Jets would certainly like to get rid of Bell’s massive contract. The Saints, if they chose not to sign Kamara for an overtime, could ship him to New York and find a playmaker at Bell whose receiving ability would suit Brees perfectly.

Despite Bell’s mediocre 2019 season, he still has a few good years to go. Put Bell behind a good offensive line and he will come back to his days with the Steelers. The Saints will reap the rewards of Bell and will always be Super Bowl contenders, while the Jets will find a younger comeback in Kamara that will be better suited to an attack on Gase. Kamara will also receive a lot of target volume given the depth of the Jets at the receiver.

The Saints can actually get a draft for accepting Bell’s contract. Just a thought.

Buffalo Bills

Notice the model here? Every AFC East team could use Kamara in such a large division as it has ever been in the past 20 years. The Bills have the division-winning defense and opened the passing game with the acquisition of Stefon Diggs this offseason. Their running game is still a question mark as it’s unclear if Devin Singletary can be a star fullback and Zack Moss could pull that job away at some point this season.

Buffalo’s racing game is fine as it’s currently built, but the Bills have a first-round pick and ceiling space to add Kamara to their already impressive young core. The addition of Kamara could also help accelerate the development of quarterback Josh Allen.

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay may not be as good as their 13-3 record from a season ago and this team has done nothing to improve pass-catching options for Aaron Rodgers in 2020. Devin Funchess s ‘is being withdrawn due to COVID-19 and the Packers did not have it drafted a single wide receiver. This offense needs more guns around Rodgers.

Who could blame Rodgers if he was unhappy? Perhaps giving up that first-round pick for Kamara and igniting Green Bay atop NFC North could lighten his mood. Green Bay has the league’s reigning touchdown leader Aaron Jones – who is also in his final year of his rookie contract – although he’s not an ideal receiver out of backfield. Perhaps the Packers can create a strong combination of Kamara and Jones, using Kamara in the slot machine as one of the best receiving options for Rodgers and relieving Jones and rookie AJ ​​Dillon in close range situations. .

Kamara would have reduced the hits, but he would also be an important weapon for offense throughout the year and in the playoffs. Rodgers doesn’t have many chances of winning a Super Bowl anymore and Green Bay needs to give him more help than he currently has. Adding Kamara would be a gamble that could pay huge dividends.

Rams de Los Angeles

The Rams could use a stud like Kamara because when their offense was at its best – a lead (Todd Gurley) – led the way. Kamara might actually be better suited to McVay’s system and the clear No.1 back that Los Angeles could use to fuel their offense. Having a reception like Kamara would open the passing game for Goff – who had his own struggles as Gurley dealt with his knee problems last season – and Kamara could help him get back to form.

While Kamara could help bolster the attack, a trade could be a long blow. Los Angeles seem committed to the committee of Cam Akers, Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown, but would like one of those three to emerge as the No.1. The Rams also don’t have the draft capital to acquire Kamara as they don’t have a first-round pick until 2023. How many future premieres can Los Angeles give up? Sitting $ 14 million above the cap doesn’t help either.

Kamara would be a great fit in Los Angeles, but there are too many hurdles to overcome.

Boucaniers de Tampa Bay

If there’s a good running back available, Tampa Bay is a logical landing point. The Buccaneers still have question marks in the running back with Ronald Jones and LeSean McCoy at the top of the depth card. McCoy was the day one starter for the Kansas City Chiefs last season before dropping into the depth table and playing just one playoff snap, so it’s fair to wonder if the Buccaneers can count. on him in the long run – assuming Jones doesn’t grab hold of the leadership position.

Tom Brady loves having that check back, so why shouldn’t Tampa Bay acquire one of the best running backs in the game? If the Buccaneers are serious about a Super Bowl run, they can give up that late (planned) first-round pick to the Saints and try their luck on Kamara for a season. It will be difficult to sign a long-term deal with Kamara, but maybe a one-year pay rise is needed first.

The Buccaneers are still unlikely to land Kamara unless the Saints receive a ransom from the king. New Orleans are a Super Bowl favorite and it’s highly unlikely they would trade a Pro Bowl for a division rival and NFC contender. Tampa Bay would have to give up a lot more than a first-round pick to land Kamara.

Washington football team

Washington is looking for a long-term replacement for Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice is no longer an option. Head coach Ron Rivera knows how to use Kamara’s skills as he (along with offensive coordinator Scott Turner who came with him to Washington) was the mastermind to draft Christian McCaffrey and turn him into one of the best all-round full-backs in the world. soccer.

Washington could use an unnamed attacking playmaker Terry McLaurin, but would the franchise be willing to part ways with a potential top-five pick in the draft for a running back? It sounds like a move from Daniel Snyder, but he’s handed the keys to the franchise to Rivera and new team president Jason Wright. Maybe a second-round pick intrigues the Saints, especially since Washington doesn’t have much to do in return.

Bryce Love, Peyton Barber, and JD McKissic are just not long term options for a franchise that tries to give its fans hope. Kamara is an actor that Washington can market for the next few seasons.


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