Alejandro Kirk has four hits, first homer against Yanks


Welcome to the legend of Alejandro Kirk. He’s here, he’s real and he just had his night out against the New York Yankees. Kirk is one of the most unique players in Major League Baseball, whether you’re watching your TV screen or the box score. In

Welcome to the legend of Alejandro Kirk. He’s here, he’s real, and he just had his night out against the New York Yankees.
Kirk is one of the most unique players in Major League Baseball, whether you’re watching your TV screen or the box score. In the box, the 5-foot-8, 265-pound Kirk barely has a height advantage over the receiver crouching behind him. Basically, he makes Vladimir Guerrero Jr. look like Usain Bolt. Alejandro Kirk is not what you would expect, and that’s what makes him special. • The score of the box

In Monday night’s 11-5 win over the Yankees in Buffalo, New York, Kirk was already 3-for-3 with a brace and a near miss for his first career homerun when he went home in seventh. This time he did not fail. Kirk threw him on the opposite court again, but he had his legs, carrying the wall for Toronto’s 11th race and sending the canoe into a frenzy.

“To be honest with you, I didn’t think it was going to come out,” Kirk, from Mexico, said through a club translator. “But then I saw the judge come back, come back. At that point, when he hit the fence, I knew it. It was great. The feeling of running around the bases was great. It’s still good, even now.

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Kirk doesn’t just have fans in Canada. His teammates, almost all of whom are playing alongside him for the very first time, have kissed Kirk, and nights like this only make things easier.
“It can’t get any better for me,” Kirk said. “They welcomed me. All the guys have been great to me since I’ve been here and they all talk to me. Little by little, we get to know each other better and I try to communicate a little more with them. I can’t ask for more from the guys.
Monday’s performance made Kirk the first wide receiver aged 21 or under to record a four-stroke game since the Twins’ Joe Mauer in 2004. With Guerrero Jr., who went 3-for-3 with three RBIs. , the two have become just the second pair of teammates aged 21 or under in the modern era to have more than three hits and more than two more hits in the same game, joining Hall of Fame members Ted Williams and Bobby Doerr of the Red Sox in 1939.

Kirk is a natural, which is a word we vaguely throw away at times, but he completely embodies the idea. He doesn’t have the raw physical tools of so many other players on this list, but looking at Kirk in the minor leagues and now with the Blue Jays, the game seems to go a bit slower for him. That’s why he handled the transition from Class A Advanced Dunedin to the big leagues without blinking an eye.
Kirk’s offensive value is a simple combination of two factors, and it starts with his approach, which is one of the best in the organization. Over 151 career Underage games, Kirk has walked 89 times but has only struck out 60. That’s good for a 0.418 percentage on basis, making him an incredibly reliable plate appearance for one. young hitter. What all of this sets up, however, is the other piece of the puzzle, which is Kirk’s habit of igniting Statcast with a hard touch.

Kirk ripped up his two singles in Game 1 of the series at 106.6 mph and 104.6 mph, the latter hitting the top of the wall from right field. On Monday, five of the nine balls Kirk had put into play were hit at over 100 mph. No, Kirk won’t beat any singles on the field, but he doesn’t need to.
It’s also important to note how much the Blue Jays front office feels Kirk’s work behind the plate. Senior management believe it belongs, as does manager Charlie Montoyo.

“He did a great job receiving. I’m impressed with this, ”Montoyo said. “Blocking the balls too, he was very good. I’m in awe of his playing as a whole, to tell you the truth.
Danny Jansen remains the starter behind the plate, but the Blue Jays need Kirk’s bat in the lineup. Charging a 21-year-old to handle a new pitching staff in the club’s first playoff appearance since 2016 would be a big demand, but the DH spot looks like a perfect home for Kirk in the coming weeks. He’s also a great option to get off the bench, if that happens, given the reliability with which he puts the ball into play without creating empty outs.

Coming into the game on Monday, the Blue Jays were averaging .271 and a .807 OPS from their DH point, so it hasn’t been a black hole, but a lot of that is the product of Guerrero Jr. . and others. the players who have been there. Barring a surprise return from injured Rowdy Tellez, the door is suddenly wide open for Kirk to come out of nowhere and take on a daily playoff role.

Keegan Matheson is a reporter / editor for based in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter @KeeganMatheson.


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