Alberta’s active COVID-19 cases peak in four months


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Two of them, Hinshaw said, performed at the Good Samaritan Southgate in Edmonton, where both residents “improved and were considered to be well,” before succumbing.

As of Tuesday, there were 47 outbreaks – clusters of five or more infections – across the province, including 16 in the Calgary area.

This is an increase of six from a week ago.

One of them involves seven infected staff at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton.

“At this time, no risk has been identified for hotel guests,” Hinshaw said.

A growing concern is the transmission of COVID-19 from people with mild symptoms who may not take their condition seriously enough, Hinshaw said.

“What a mild, short-lived illness in one person can be life threatening to others,” she says.

While some provinces like Ontario and British Columbia are stepping up some restrictions in the face of rising cases, Hinshaw has given no indication that it will happen here – yet.

“We haven’t seen a big acceleration of cases to date, but we can turn the corner very quickly if we aren’t collectively able to change the trends,” she said.

“Some of them are really not sensitive to formal restrictions, others like close contact or how can we prevent transmission from occurring in households.”

She noted that some places of worship have been implicated in the recent spread of COVID-19 since they were able to resume services in June.

“I will be meeting with religious leaders in the coming weeks to have a conversation about the importance of this. . . the precautions are being applied by these leaders, ”Hinshaw said.


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