Alberta dumps TIER fund to create jobs and energy efficiency


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Industry and other levels of government are adding their own money to the pot, bringing the total investment to $ 1.9 billion, Nixon said.

The government estimates that the total fund will create up to 8,700 jobs.

Further announcements on where the rest of the money will go will be made in the coming days, Nixon said.

The new Industrial Energy Efficiency and Carbon Capture Use and Storage (IEE CCUS) grant program will help large emitters pay for projects that improve energy efficiency as well as capture, carbon use and storage.

Successful applicants can have up to 75% of project costs covered, up to a maximum of $ 20 million.

The deadline for companies to apply is October 20.

Along with the new grant, TIER’s $ 9.5 million is spent through Emissions Reduction Alberta on three projects, including $ 5 million to join Accelerating CCS Technologies, a 17-country project coordinated from Norway to fund the research and carbon related projects. capture, use and storage of dioxide.

“Alberta’s $ 5 million contribution to the $ 50 million competition will help identify carbon capture technologies with strong commercialization potential right here in Alberta,” said Steve MacDonald, CEO of Emissions Reduction Alberta.

Emissions Reduction Alberta also donates money to two companies that were finalists in the XPrize competition, which aimed to help develop technologies to convert carbon dioxide emissions into usable products.


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