AJ Styles reveals he tested positive for COVID-19


Last night, The Rock revealed that he and his family had COVID-19. AJ Styles was asked about this news on his Twitch stream, and the Phenomenal One responded by saying that he had also tested positive for the coronavirus:

“I also tested positive a few weeks ago, probably almost a month ago, I think. I feel for the people who have to deal with this. But I have to say I didn’t have a lot of issues with it. Hopefully the Rock and his family, hope everyone is safe … It’s bad, it’s not good for anybody.

“I was one of the lucky ones, that being said. I had a headache and never had a fever. Maybe a few boogers, that was about it.

It’s good to hear that Styles hasn’t had any serious issues as a result of his positive diagnosis. He goes on to admit that he’s not sure what to believe when it comes to COVID-19, but he remains optimistic about the direction things are going:

“You hear so many different things… now it’s only 10 days instead of 14 days that you have to quarantine yourself?” So who knows. I am as confused as you are with this whole situation. Nevertheless, keep doing what you are doing. Continue to wash your hands. I feel like we’re going in the right direction with all of this, putting it behind us.

Testing is key to stopping outbreaks, and the CDC now appears to be capitulating to President Trump’s reckless desire to slow testing. I understand AJ’s confusion about the situation, and sometimes I experience that confusion myself. But one thing that’s not at all confusing is that President Trump’s endless lies about the virus have consistently put the United States in a worse situation than it should be when it comes to COVID. -19. I wish I could share AJ’s optimism, but the lack of federal leadership makes it impossible for me. Your mileage may vary.

Stay safe there, folks.


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